• Burntmahair

    New Seven Wonders

    February 26, 2014 by Burntmahair

    The Seven Wonders in the show seemed kind of weak, not something a Supreme can use to lead a coven with. I thought about what should have been the 7 wonders, or at least what I think it should be. I used some of the show's powers because I think they are quite significant.

    1.Divination- It's not the Sight, but it's like a vibe, they know what is going to happen, where things are. A Supreme needs this power to "forsee" the bad events.

    2.Concilium- It's a cool power to have. Since Supremes are Salem Witches and the Salem Witches were just playing around with magic so it would make sense if they adopted mind control and play around with people's head. I also think it was pretty badass for Fiona to control the cops in episode 2.

    3.Pyrokinesis- It…

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  • Burntmahair

    Purpose Of Descendum

    February 2, 2014 by Burntmahair

    If you look at descendum, travelling to (your) hell could be a pretty pointless power but if you look at it in another way, I think it's a power to travel around Hell and find spirits and souls. Like how Queenie went to Hell to talk to Papa Legba.

    And everyone you see in Hell is actually dead too, forever living in the scene. Like the man in Queenie's Hell who "forever smells the delicious chicken but unable to take a bite" or Marie Laveau is forever stuck in LaLaurie's Hell. I think Descedum allows the witch to travel to Hell and find these souls 

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