I just wanted to say that I loved the front page. I was just tired of seeing the white nun every where. It's wonderful, and in my opinion it has the perfect witchy tone. It's very diferent from the others and it seems more organized. It shows more mystery than the other versions of the front page and it shows more information at the same time. Anyways I loved it.

The only thing that kinda bothers me a little is Nan being marked as a main character(according to Murphy she isn't). Until we don't have almost anything about the main character missing (that I don't think will die in the scene showed at the promo), or any other character to put I think it's ok to put her(afterall I love Jamie as every one else). I was just afraid that she would die in the beginning(like Shelley or even Leo and Teresa ) and we would have her in the front page.

Also I would like to give an idea, for the front page is being changed, some pools could be added(I have no idea how to do it myself) on the front page. Like "What did you think of the first promo?" or something like that.

Thanks y'all who edited the front page, it's a very nice work.

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