Ok, so during the season, after every Wednesday nights show, Thursday morning I would read reviews/interviews. Some of which were with Ryan Murphey himself. So, after episode 11, I got right to my computer and was getting very excited by what I was reading. One line in particular stuck out to me most, which was from Ryan, "All of your questions will be answered in the finale." Now, I would be a happy camper and all, but that didn't happen, not even close. There are still so many questions to answered, that now, may not ever be answered, with the prospect of all new EVERYTHING next season. So, I will propose my questions to you all, in case you may know something I don't or we can discuss it.

1. WHO THE HELL IS THE 4th LANGDON CHILD?!?! This, this right here is the one question I can't seem to let go. In the begining of the season, Constance said she had 4 children, but only one without any physical/mental disabilites (whom we assume is tate, although, he's got some REAL mental issues if you ask me). Not only that Ryan said in one interview they would reveil the 4th child in episode 11....ok so who was it???

2. What is up with this house?? We know that Nora and Charles didn't experice paranoraml activity while living in the house, but once they killed themselves they were stuck there? What happened in between that time to make the house keep all that would be killed there? My fiance had a theory that it might be all those aborted babies souls, but who knows.

3. I've seen people talk about Ben and red heads?? Also weren't we supposed to see something about Ben's childhood?

4. Speaking of red heads, why did we not get more story about those twins from the pilot? Was that all there was to tell? I find that hard to believe, since twins also seemed to a theme/undertone of the season.

5. Does Ben still not know Hayden is dead? Throughout the season, it was obvious Ben had no idea Hayden was dead. He still thought that she and Larry were messing with him about money. I'm going to assume once he died he found out she was dead, but all he said was, "I can't believe she killed me."

6. What is up with Marcie? All throughout episode 12, she seemed very sinister, almost as if she knew this house was horrible and she was sending people to their deaths. I understand it's her job to sell houses, but she seems more than willing to put people in danger, even after knowing most of the houses history.

7. (kind of off topic) What in the world does the "You're going to die in here" website have to do with the show?!?! They never mentioned any of of the people on the show, so why have it up?

I guess I'll stop here with those major ones, because I could go on forever about the little plot holes throught the season.

Hope I can get some answers!!!