I was thinking. The production for AHS is great with symbolism and what not. And I've been thinking about the foreshadowing line from Jude - "If you look in the face of evil, evil is going to look right back at you".

So I feel after a first viewing what most of us think is "Oh I see what you did there, foreshadowing all the horror that fell upon poor oh Lana". But then I can't help but think, and I no this is not a general consensus, that Lana adopted some evil qualities after all her trauma.

And then if you watch the Cinematography for that one scene it's -

When you look in the face of evil- (close up on Jude's Face) Evil is going to look right back at you (Close up on Lana's face)

Think about that. I feel like AHS was making a distinct point there. And it's not necessarily about Lana.

Evil is going to look right back at you - Here the show a close up of jude looking at lana's face.- And then show a close up of Lana's face looking back at Jude and then of all things dawning a somewhat mischievousness smirk.

I think what is implied here is that Lana is the face of evil and Jude is looking at it. 

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