Now I just read the full synopsis for Boy Parts and what I am about to write is my speculation on what is being hinted at...

So apparently in the first episode  Madison and Zoe go to a frat party and by the end of the night they doing something horrible, or madison does at least. 

In  the synopis for the second episode Boy Parts, detectives visit the school to question the girls about the event that took place at the party and then it goes on to say that because Zoe helped Madison she ,in turn, makes Zoe the "perfect" boyfriend... the synopsis refers to him as a Frankenstein. 

So my guess is that Madison kills a few frat boys at the party and this includes Kyle.  In the next episode she resurrects Kyle for Zoe. 


Here's the synopsis,Boy Parts , I'm referring to. Very fun stuff this season is promising some good television.

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