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  • BadlyBruisedMuse

    We have a tough two weeks to get through, but to help ease the hiatus here are some very juicy things to look forward to and speculate about. 


    A new Supreme will be chosen Coven's Jan. 29 finale, which reveals Fiona's (Jessica Lange) successor, will unfold a tad differently from previous AHS conclusions. It usually is a very nihilistic ending. But this year is different because it's an incredibly dark-comedy ending, which I like, says Murphy, who teases, Nobody has guessed who the Supreme is.  

    We know that Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) hired Cordelia's husband, Hank (Josh Hamilton), to kill off the Salem bloodline. But Hank is actually just one of many witch hunters. He's part of a group called the Corporation that has been around since Eu…

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  • BadlyBruisedMuse

    Let's put this to rest. I felt like this tidbit given by Ryan was important enough to warrant a reworking of all our theories. 

    "A new Supreme will be chosen Coven’s Jan. 29 finale, which reveals Fiona’s (Jessica Lange) successor, will unfold a tad differently from previous AHS conclusions. ”It usually is a very nihilistic ending. But this year is different because it’s an incredibly dark-comedy ending, which I like,” says Murphy, who teases, ”Nobody has guessed who the Supreme is.”

    -- ”Nobody has guessed who the Supreme is.” --

    He's obviously referring to Zoe. Every single review site, fan site, and social media outlet has marked heras the next supreme and this was Ryan's answer to those assertions.

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  • BadlyBruisedMuse

    Ryan Murphy - "As American Horror Story: Coven begins to wrap up its bold and brilliant season, fans are starting to wonder what next year will be like. Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that he will begin dropping hints about season 4 around episode 11, but he will say that, “It’s not contemporary.” He adds: “It’s either going to shoot in New Orleans or it’s going to shoot in Santa Fe.”

    One thing viewers definitely won’t see is a rumored spin-off of Coven. Murphy told reporters earlier this fall that he and FX had discussed an AHS spin-off, centered on this season. But that project is dead as of now. Reveals Murphy, “We were starting to break episode 8 or 9 and we…

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  • BadlyBruisedMuse

    According to the above article it is very heavily implied that Madison returns is some way or another. After contemplating the below quote for a while... I have a hunch on what is going to happen. Possible Spoiler, but again this is merely speculation.

    "While Roberts is coy about Madison’s fate on Coven, co-creator Ryan Murphy was slightly more revealing. “Well, I mean, yes, she is dead,” says Murphy. “The funny thing about a horror show to me is that anybody can die at any time. I love that.” But he adds, “All I wanna say is wait ’til you see what happens to the body. Sh-t goes down. When you see episode 4 and you see what Spalding [Denis O'Hare's mute butler] did to t…

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  • BadlyBruisedMuse

    Next Season is Jessica's last. 

    I love Jessica as much as the next guy, but this doesn't bother me. I think she had a good run and really helped AHS take flight. However, I think the show is strong enough to succeed on it's on merits as long as the cast remains talented and the stories fun and morbid. 

    I've seen a few people already promise that her depature is a deal beaker. Is thare any AHS fans who will leave the fanbase along Jessica when that day comes? 

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