I had to write my own blog because after reading most of these forums about the next surpreme, I was getting annoyed because the predictions were awful.

Firstly if anyone knows RM, they would know he is a writer that lives for Gag Factor and Shock value. What ever you think you watched could always be muniplulated into a brand new storyline. The man loves his back stories!!!! But my oppinion on the new surpreme are as follows.

Queenie -- It was stated that Queenie is a desendent of Titchba, and later explained in that episode that Titchuba was from an tribe....a long line or powerful voodoo shamans/necromancers who then as a house slave taught the girls of Salem witchcraft. So in actuality Queenie can not be the next surpreme because she do not belong to those white bitches tribe but to Marie Laveu's tribe!!!!

Madison -- We all know the bitch aint dead, shes like the third name in the opening credits so her character is no where near done! Also like Cordelia said the hallmark or every rising surpreme is glowing radiant health << and Madison had heart problems.

Zoe -- Everyone think she could be the new surpreme but its TOO obvious, so dont take the bait!!!! Plus I see on most of these forums that "oh she might be the next surpreme because she has more than one power" << Umm so did Madison and look where she at now !!! << Anna lee said that its common for an average witch to manifest 4 or 5 powers but the supreme has to display power over the "Seven wonders" << which we the audience still dont know WTF the Seven Wonders are.

So I am positive those three girls are NOT gonna be the next surpreme, I believe its gonna be Nan, or Misty or hell RM might introduce a new witch, probably a warlock...we dont know. but im telling you expect for the surprise to be a complete mind fuck LOL

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