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October 23, 2012
  • I live in Ponca City
  • I was born on November 2
  • I am male
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Where Else Can You Find Me?

Just Google OGRastamon. It's all me. Except for that freak into midget pr0n. You can't prove anything.

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Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki (Shut Up!)

My World View

  • There's no higher power than I except everything else.
  • Heroes are people who died doing jobs nobody would do if we didn't revere those who died doing it.
  • The meaning of life is that it has no meaning and that doesn't mean anything.
  • Name your pet cats and they'll not heed your call. Name your pet peeves and they'll come unbidden.
  • Any chance that your words will be misinterpreted that is above 0 percent is automatically revalued at 100 percent.
  • Friends say that other people just don't get my humor. I suspect that this is friend-speak for "You're such an a-hole".

Scribblenauts-Twisty the Clown
Portrayed by Larry
First Appearance Pepper
Species Troll (Alleged)
Cause of Death Cancer, heart disease or suicide (in order of likelihood)
Relationships FishTank (Tormented Admin)
Hunter (Misguided Crush)


What I Tweets


@GaboureySlDIBE I know big girls need love 2 but Queenie a freak to mount a Minotaur without the help of Chuck Testa. #cryptozoophilia

Discovering that you've unwittingly subscribed to tweets from your favorite porn site...INCALCULABLE!

I'm still holding out hope that Jeff Daniels will find a reliable denture adhesive before the season ends. #TheNewsroom

God has smite more people for head use than head giving but the Phelp's family couldn't fit GOD HATES FREE THINKERS on their signs.

When at war, if you're caught having sex with an enemy soldier, receiving a dishonorable discharge takes on two meanings.

Joss Whedon creates a show starring Christian Slater, Will Arnett and Ted McGinley. The following week all TV shows are canceled FOREVER.

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