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Todd Allan Connors is a young videomaker with an edgy fate. He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Jacob Artist.


Todd and his friends, Sophie and Milo, were fans of My Roanoke Nightmare series. They were so much into the show that they created their own website and made a social media account dedicated to the series.

Personality and Appearance

Todd is somewhat humorous and is kind to his friends. He has tan skin and shaved brown hair and brown eyes. During the duration of his time on the show, he has been seen wearing somewhat comfortable clothing.


Todd and his friends embark on a trip to the Roanoke House in order to get more followers for their website about the show. The trio soon get into trouble, as they run into a bleeding woman while they were exploring the woods. They followed the woman running inside the woods, until they come across a crashed car where the woman corpse was lying. Todd immediately suggested to go back, deeply disturbed by what he saw. The trio agreed to tell the police about what they've seen. However, the detectives didn't believe their story, warning them not to set foot on the property again. Confused and wanting to discover the truth about Roanoke House, Todd and his friends went back to the property and while exploring the woods, they run into Lee Harris. The three tried to attract her attention, as she was staring blankly into the bushes, but when Todd approached her asking if she was all right, Lee sliced his throat with a cleaver. [1]


  1. Episode: Chapter 9

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