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It has been confirmed that all seasons of American Horror Story are connected.

Late 1500s

  • Scathach arrives in the New World and becomes the first Supreme. (R)
  • The Roanoke Colony arrives in the Americas and journeys onto mainland. (R)
  • The Butcher gets sent off into the wilderness by the Colony. (R)
  • The Butcher receives the boar heart from Scathach and murders her colony, their spirits now tethered to the area by a curse. (R)
  • Piggy Man is sacrificed. (R)



  • Facing persecution from the Salem witch trials, the ailing Prudence Mathers gathers her witches to invoke the Sacred Taking. Her selfless suicide allows a new Supreme to rise to power and lead the Coven away from Salem, where they eventually settle in New Orleans. [2] (C)





19th Century

  • Edward Mordrake is born. (FS)
  • Edward Mordrake becomes a patient of Bedlam Hospital. (FS)
  • Edward Mordrake dies. (FS)


  • Marie Laveau is born on September 10, historically. (C)


  • Madame LaLaurie returns to New Orleans (from Paris) with Borquita and her husband and develops her obession with the blood of her slaves (African Americans). (C)


  • Madame Lalaurie holds her three daughters in her tortures chamber for a year. (C)


  • Madame Lalaurie transforms Bastian into the Minotaur. (C)
  • Marie Laveau makes Madame Lalaurie immortal and buries her alive. (C)
  • Marie Laveau kills Madame Lalaurie's family and hangs them from the balcony. (C)


  • Miss Robichaux's Academy is converted into a military hospital during the Civil War. [3] (C)


  • Marion Warton, the reigning Supreme of the time, purchases Miss Robichaux's Academy and re-establishes it as a safe haven for young witches to gather and learn. [3] (C)


  • During the World Fair of 1893, Kincaid Polk mercilessly murdered and slaughtered both pigs and humans. In a turn of events, during an accident he was torn apart by his hogs. (R)
  • The Piggy Man legend was created. (R), (MH)



  • The Countess Elizabeth was born, as a mortal. (H)


  • Briarcliff Manor was built. It served as the largest tuberculosis ward on the East Coast. During this time, an estimated 46,000 patients died within its walls. (A)


  • A notorious serial killer by the name of the Axeman writes a letter to the newspapers threatening to kill citizens of New Orleans who do not play jazz in their homes. In defiance, the witches of Miss Robichaux's Academy lure him in and stab the Axeman repeatedly, trapping him as a ghost in the Academy. [6] (C)



  • In the following four years, Dr. Montgomery becomes addicted to ether and becomes obsessed with resurrecting dead animals. In order to finance their elaborate lifestyle and his addiction, Charles and Nora begin performing abortions in their basement. One patient's boyfriend kidnaps the Montgomerys' baby, Thaddeus, and dismembers him. The police return the child's various body parts to Dr. Montgomery in jars, which he then begins sewing back together. (MH)




  • July - Valentino went on a tour to promote The Son of the Sheik, where he was approached by German director F.W. Murnoe. Wanting to preserve Valentino forever, he infected him with the blood virus.[8](H)
  • August 23 - Building of The Hotel Cortez is completed.[10](H)
  • August - The opening night of The Hotel Cortez and on the same day, the death of Valentino is announced.[5] (H)
  • WWII Army Infantryman and his young bride move in. The wife is killed on her wedding day.
  • Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova are trapped into a secret hallway at the Cortez by James March. (H)
  • Believing Valentino has died, the Countess marries Mr. March. (H)
  • Mr. March begins the 10 Commandment murders. (H)
  • The Countess goes to Charles Montgomery for an abortion, but her son, Bartholomew, survives the procedure.[11] (H)
  • A patient's boyfriend kidnaps and dismembers Charles and Nora's son Thaddeus. Charles sews him back together and resurrects him as the Infantata, a being that craves blood. (MH)
  • Nora kills Charles and commits suicide (MH)


Late 1920s/ Early 1930s



  • Twisty the Clown leaves Rusty Westchester's Traveling Carnival and returns home to Jupiter. (FS)
  • Twisty the Clown maims himself while attempting suicide via shotgun. (FS)


  • Dentist Dr. Curan sedates and rapes Elizabeth Short who dies from the sedation. Dr. Montgomery appears and offers help. He dismembers Ms. Short. (MH)


  • June 22 - Sister Jude presumably kills Missy Stone in a drunk driving accident.[12] (A)
  • The Framingham Herald newspaper says that the police are still searching for Missy Stone.[13] (A)


  • Dell kills a man in Chicago and flees with Desiree. (FS)
  • Bette Tattler kills her mother Eudora. (FS)
  • Bette and Dot become members of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. (FS)
  • Twisty the Clown kills Troy and kidnaps Bonnie Lipton. (FS)
  • Twisty the clown kidnaps Corey Bachman and kills his parents. (FS)
  • Jimmy Darling kills a detective to protect the twins. (FS)
  • Twisty the Clown kills the owner and an employee of a toy store. (FS)
  • Dell and Desiree become members of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. (FS)
  • Dandy makes an attempt to become a member of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities but is turned down. (FS)
  • Dandy becomes the protégé of Twisty. (FS)
  • Meep is framed for Jimmy's crime and goes to jail where he is murdered. (FS)
  • Ethel discovers she has cirrhosis. (FS)
  • Maggie becomes a member of Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. (FS)
  • Twisty the Clown kidnaps Mike. (FS)
  • Elsa summons Edward Mordrake. (FS)
  • Edward Mordrake visits Ethel, Suzi, Paul, Pepper, Salty and Elsa. (FS)
  • Dandy kidnaps Jimmy and Maggie for Twisty. (FS)
  • Edward Mordrake kills and adds Twisty the Clown to his "group of freaks". (FS)
  • Bonnie, Corey, Mike, Jimmy and Maggie are freed from Twisty's clutches. (FS)
  • Dandy kills Dora. (FS)
  • Desiree discovers that she isn't hermaphrodite. (FS)
  • Dandy kills Andy. (FS)
  • Elsa sells the twins to Dandy. (FS)


  • Loraine Baxter kills her husband, William Baxter, after she finds out about his affair with her best friend Celia. It is hinted Celia may also have been murdered. Loraine then dies by putting her head in the stove (or someone else killing her that way). (YAGTDIT)


  • Cora's son is murdered. (C)
  • A young African American boy in New Orleans is kidnapped by a group of white men. In response, Marie Laveau performs a ritual that causes corpses from a nearby cemetery to rise from the dead and kill the men responsible. (C)


  • Briarcliff Manor is purchased by the Catholic Church and converted into an asylum for the criminally insane. (A)
  • Timothy Howard agrees to let Arthur Arden perform his experiments in the asylum. (A)
  • Leigh Emerson kills 18 people from five different families, as well as a charity Santa Claus on December 19th. (A)
  • Pepper is framed for the murder of her sister's baby and is sent to Briarcliff Manor. (FS)



  • Sally McKenna is born.[10](H)
  • Kit Walker is committed to Briarcliff for the Bloody Face crimes. (A)
  • Lana Winters is committed to the asylum. (A)
  • October 14th - A woman is admitted to Briarcliff, claiming to be Anne Frank. (A)
  • Lana is held hostage by Oliver Thredson (The real Bloody Face), but escapes and is re-admitted to Briarcliff following a car crash. (A)
  • Sr. Jude is committed to the asylum, and revoked of her nun status after she is viewed as being mentally unstable and framed for the murder of Frank McCann. (A)


  • Lana, Kit, and Grace Bertrand are all released from Briarcliff. (A) 
  • Lana murders Thredson. (A)
  • The Catholic church sells Briarcliff manor to the state. (A)


  • Pepper dies of unknown reasons at Briarcliff. (A)


  • The Murder House is being used as a Sorority house for a nursing school. The R. Franklin murders take place. (MH)

Late 1960s/ Early 1970s

  • Constance moves from Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. (MS)
  • (1970) Betty Drake (Judy Martin) is checked out of the asylum by Kit Walker. Six months later she passes away. (A)


  • Briarcliff Manor is shut down and abandoned. (A)
  • Fiona Goode kills Anna Leigh Leighton in front of Spalding causing her to become the new Supreme. (C)
  • Myrtle Snow puts a spell of truth in the Spaulding's tongue because she wants him to confess that Fiona killed Anna Leigh Leighton. However he loves Fiona and he decides to cut his tongue in order to protect her. (C)
  • The council has an emergency meeting and Anna Leigh Leighton's life force cannot be detected. (C)


  • Adelaide is born. Constance ends her acting career. (MH)


  • The Chens move into the Roanoke House and are later killed. (R)



  • The house is now abandoned and decaying. Troy and Bryan are killed by the Infantata. (MH)


  • By now, the house has been refurbished. Constance murders Hugo and Moira in the house. (MH)


  • Constance and her children move out of the house. (MH)
  • Sam and Nikki Argento move in, but are murdered in the house during BDSM roleplay a short time later. (September 23) (MH)
  • Nick Pryor checked into the Hotel Cortez on a business trip. He met The Countess, who helped him transfom to Liz Taylor and hired her so she didn't have to return home.[14](H)


  • Wren was left in the car while her father went inside The Cortez to get drunk. Elizabeth broke into the car and took her for her own, granting her eternal life.[5] (H)





  • Hank Foxx went on his first witch hunt. (C)
  • In December, the book about birds checked out by Stanley is due.[20] (MH)


  • Ramona goes home to visit her aging father and mother. (H)
  • After Ramona's mother dies she kills her mentally ill father. (H)


  • Amir Stanley is yearbook editor.[21] (MH)
  • Larry Harvey and his family move to the Murder House. Constance seduces Larry and begins an affair with him so he'll kick out his family and she can move back into the house. Upon finding out about his unfaithfulness, Larry's wife Lorraine sets a room in the house on fire, killing herself and their two daughters. (MH)
  • Sometime later, Constance, Tate, Beau and Addie move back into the house. (MH)
  • In September, the book about birds checked out by Jason M. is due.[22] (MH)
  • In November, the book about birds checked out by Tate Langdon is due.[23] (MH)
  • Sally writes music for Nick Harley and Tina Black. They do drugs and Sally sews them all together, but Nick and Tina overdose and she is stuck to them for 5 days. The Addiction Demon is created. (H)


  • Larry kills Beauregard, acting on instruction of Constance. Constance was going to be put in prison for her treatment of Beauregard, and Beauregard was going to be taken away by Child Protective Services. (MH)
  • Tate sets Larry on fire at his office and then goes to his school to kill 15 people. He is killed afterwards in the Murder House house by a S.W.A.T. team. (MH)
  • Sally & Donovan check into the Hotel Cortez. Sally is murdered by Donovan's mother, Iris, and Donovan is turned by the Countess to survive an overdose.[24] (H)
  • Iris becomes an employee at the Hotel Cortez to keep an eye on her son, Donovan. (H)


  • On October 11th, Elias Cunningham creates the video describing the history of the Roanoke House. (R)

Early 2000s

  • Anthropologist suffering from OCD (V.) lives in the house with her family. She eventually "had to clean them out."



  • Chad and Patrick buy the house in order to fix it up and then sell it at a profit. (MH)
  • On Wednesday, October 20th, Ben and Vivien have sex.[25] (MH)
  • As they bicker and prepare their Halloween party, Chad and Patrick are killed by the Rubber Man.[26] (MH)
  • Vivien miscarries. (MH)
  • Ben gets caught cheating on Vivien with Hayden; the family decides to move. (MH)
  • John visits Hotel Cortez for the first time. (H)
  • Detective John Lowe's son, Holden is kidnapped by the Countess. (H)


  • In June, Vivien is ready to separate from Ben and take Violet to her sister's. They discuss a house Ben found online.[27] (MH)
  • BenVivien, and Violet Harmon move into the Murder House. (MH)
  • In early September, Rubber Man impregnates Vivien. The pregnancy is a heteropaternal superfecundation, with Ben being one of the fathers of the twins and Rubber Man being the other.[28] (MH)
  • On a Tuesday, Tate does not speak for most of his therapy session with Ben. That night, he watches Violet sleep.[29] (MH)
  • On Wednesday, Bianca Forest has a session with Ben Harmon.[30] (MH)
  • On a Friday, FionaBianca and Dallas attempt to recreate the R. Franklin murders with Vivien and Violet as victims, but they fail as Tate kills Bianca and Gladys and Maria kill Fiona and Dallas.[31] (MH)
  • On Saturday, the police and the Harmons identify the home invaders. (MH)
  • Larry kills Hayden. (MH)
  • Addy dies in a hit-and-run accident on Halloween. (MH)
  • Violet commits suicide by pills. (MH)
  • Hayden kills Travis. (MH)
  • Tate kills Phil. (MH)


  • In March, Vivien goes into labor, and gives birth to one stillborn and one healthy baby, and dies during labor due to complications.[32] (MH)
  • Hayden, Fiona and Dallas kill Ben, making it appear as if it were a suicide. (MH)
  • Constance takes the healthy baby for herself, naming him Michael. (MH)
  • Cordelia finds Queenie (from a new report of her using her power to fry a rude customer's hand) and Queenie becomes a student at Miss Robichaux's Academy and part of the Coven. (C)
  • The Ramos family moves into the Murder House, but the Harmons, Tate, Moira, Loraine, Beth, Phil and Beau scare them out so they won't be killed by the vengeful ghosts. (MH)
  • Johnny Morgan, child of Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters, assumes the identity of Bloody Face. (A)
  • Leo and Teresa visit Briarcliff Manor. Leo's arm is chopped off by Johnny and they are attacked by Joey, a Bloody Face copycat. (A)
  • Two more Bloody Faces copycats, Cooper and Devon, shoot Leo and Teresa, before being killed by Johnny. (A)
  • Johnny kidnaps Teresa and skins her alive. (A)
  • Johnny kills his therapist, Dr. Gardner, and one of her patients. (A)
  • Johnny Morgan murders a prostitute. (A)
  • Johnny buys a copy of Maniac by Lana Winters, and plots his mother's murder. (A)
  • Lana Winters gives an interview about Briarcliff revealing the truth of her unwanted child's fate. (A)
  • Johnny is killed by Lana. (A)
  • In December, the Harmons celebrate Christmas. (MH)


  • Misty Day is burnt when she brings a dead bird back to life and church attendents believe this to be dark magic. (C)
  • Myrtle comes to the Benson residents to get Zoe Benson and bring her to Miss Robichaux's Academy to become a student and learn how to control her powers. As she killed her boyfriend Charlie with her Black Widow power losing her virginity. (C)
  • Fiona receives the medicine from Dr. Zhong to make her younger which doesn't have major results which angers Fiona causing her (to use Vitalum Vitalis) and suck the life force out of the doctor. (C)
  • Kyle's fraternity brothers rape Madison Montgomery causing Madison to use her powers and crash the bus in which Kyle and his frat brother's were killed except for two (including Archie). Zoe decides to go to the hospital in which the two frat boys were and kill Archie. (C)
  • Fiona unearths Madame Lalaurie. (C)
  • Misty Day resurrects herself. (C)
  • Zoe and Madison attempt to resurrect Kyle which isn't successful until Zoe gives Kyle a true loves kiss. (C)
  • Fiona has a meeting with Marie Laveau that inadvertently leads to war between witches and voodoo. (C)
  • Cordelia and her husband Hank make a fertility ritual to have a baby and it doesn't seem to work. (C)
  • Fiona makes Delphine the Coven's Maid and Queenie's slave. (C)
  • Madison inhearts two new powers including Pyrokinesis while meeting new neighbors Joan and Luke with Nan and Concilium while out for dinner with Fiona (as Fiona test Madison to see if she is the next Supreme). (C)
  • Marie sends the Minotaur to Delphine, and Queenie protects Delphine. (C)
  • Zoe returns Kyle to his mother in which she rapes Kyle causing Kyle to kill her to Zoe's dismay. (C)
  • Fiona kills Madison in front of Spalding (similar to her killing to former Supreme Anna Leigh) believing her to be the next Supreme. (C)
  • Queenie attempts to stop the Minotaur from attacking herself and LaLaurie but decides to take the chance to loose her virginity. Queenie is seriously injuried when the Minotaur and Fiona brings Queenie back to life using Vitalum Vitalis. (C)
  • Fiona cuts the head of the Minotaur off and has Spalding send it to Conrow City to Marie's dismay. (C)
  • Hank witch hunting meets with Kaylee and decides to participate in sexual activity and then shots her in the head with a pistol. (C)
  • Myrtle with the Witch Council visits Miss Robichaux's Academy to investigate Madison's disappearance and Myrtle believes Madisonw as murdered by Fiona. (C)
  • A cloaked figure (Witchhunter) throws acid in Cordelia's face. (C)
  • Marie does a ritual to summon zombies and send them to the Coven. (C)
  • Cordelia becomes blind from the acid attack. (C)
  • Cordelia discovers a new power, known as The Sight. (C)
  • Zoe gets rid of the zombies with Curse Breaking. (C)
  • Fiona frames Myrtle for Cordelia's acid attack. (C)
  • Myrtle is burned at the stake. (C)
  • Myrtle is resurrected by Misty. (C)
  • Zoe, Queenie and Nan accidently contact the Axeman while looking for Madison. (C)
  • Fiona states that she has had the gift of mind reading before. She then starts to read other people's minds in the room where you get treatment for Cancer. (C)
  • Zoe, discovers that Spalding has Madison's corpse in his bedroom. (C)
  • Cordelia discovers with her new power that Hank has been unfaithful and that Myrtle was burned at the stake. (C)
  • Spalding is murdered by Zoe. (C)
  • Madison is resurrected by Misty with Zoe's help. (C)
  • Zoe frees the Axeman. (C)
  • Cordelia discovers with her power that Fiona killed Madison. (C)
  • Queenie betrays the coven and gives Delphine to Marie. (C)
  • Misty joins the Coven. (C)
  • Joan is murdered by Hank. (C)
  • Joan is resurrected by Misty. (C)
  • Myrtle kills Quentin and Pembroke. (C)
  • Myrtle restores Cordelia's eyesight by giving her Quentin's right eye and Pembroke's left eye. (C)
  • Hank kills the Salon workers and shoots Queenie. (C)
  • Queenie kills Hank. (C)
  • Joan kills Luke after she discovers he knows of her involvement in his father's death. (C)
  • Richard Ramirez dies.[8] (H)


  • Marie steals a baby from a maternity ward.
  • Cordelia and Fiona are told by Marie that Hank was hired to kill the coven.
  • Nan discovers a new gift, Concilium.
  • Madison learns a new gift, Resurgence.
  • Madison knocks Misty out and buries her alive in a casket.
  • Nan kills Joan.
  • Fiona summons Papa Legba and asks him for immortality, but he refuses her request because she doesn't have a soul.
  • Marie and Fiona kill Nan as Marie needs a soul of an innocent.
  • The Coven have a funeral for Nan.
  • Fiona and Marie kill Delphi Trust with the help of the Axeman.
  • Delphine dismembers and buries Marie's body.
  • Zoe and Kyle flee to Orlando.
  • Queenie convinces Papa Legba that he should end Marie's immortality since she is unable to continue her deal.
  • Queenie kills Delphine.
  • Fiona gives Cordelia her necklace, which allows Cordelia to see Fiona's plan to kill all the witches.
  • Cordelia and Queenie free Misty from her entombment and revive her.
  • Fiona gives the Axeman a new memory so that the Coven think that she is dead.
  • The Coven kill the Axeman.
  • Madison, Misty, Queenie and Zoe start the Seven Wonders.
  • Misty Day dies during Descensum.
  • Zoe dies, impaled on the gate during Transmutation.
  • Cordelia revives Zoe.
  • Kyle strangles Madison to death.
  • Cordelia is crowned the new Supreme.
  • Myrtle is burned at the stake for killing Quentin and Pembroke.
  • Cordelia goes public about witches.
  • Fiona dies.
  • September - October: Matt & Shelby move in to Roanoke; the events of Episodes 601-605 take place. (R)




  • October 31st - Billie Dean interviews the Ten Commandments Killer and John brings her to the Devil's Night dinner to threaten her to keep her from doing television specials on the hotel. (H)


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