• I suggest that for the infobox pics for characters, we should use actual images from the show. Even if it's a glance, e.g. the Butcher and Scathach. We should only use bts shots only if the character is not seen and there is a BTS shot.
    What do you think? It would make it easier as new people might be like I didn't see that shot, etc.

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    • For consistency, we use season's official photoshoot for main characters as they are HD images depicting the characters at their best, and good quality or, when available, HD screencaps for recurring and guests.

      As far as I know, BTS images may be added to the gallery to show a particular trait, for example, but they aren't indispensable just like isn't necessary to add the facets of all possible camera angles of any actor or character during episodes. Roanoke's characters are an exception as only poor quality/blurred images were available. Hence, those BTS images are the best choice to show said characters' appearance.

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