• Greetings Horrorstorians! Some of you may have read that Fandom is going through some changes in design and structure in 2017. On some communities, like this one, there have been tests for the page header. We're still a part of those tests, and you'll see some more of them (in part because we're a great example of a "dark" community with just the right amount of traffic). From time to time, we also are asked to provide some fun video for Fandom's News and Stories feed, like this interview about season 7. Fandom is also integrating more video on a number of communities for articles, supplementing the article text with a related short clip. A lot of other changes are underway, but Fandom would like to hear from communities like us and users like you.

    • What are your questions?
    • What do you think about the developments, and how do you feel?
    • What do you like and dislike?

    I'll be sending your feedback to the teams working on the various projects, so please give me your honest opinions here.

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    • I quite like it! Certainly better than the attempt made a few months ago. The header occupies the entire top of the page, which is good because in the other version was a square set mid-way with too much unused space at the edges. I have no very clear the reason why the categories are duplicated on top of the page, but beyond that I'm quite ok with this new format! Wiki Navigator is also easy to use.

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