• Did anyone notice that before the ending sequence of the final episode where Cordelia was on the news and all the girls started joining the coven cordelia fainted, so after that happened everything afterward seemed strange to me and too happy for an ahs ending. I have a theory that when Cordelia fainted she actually died and Fiona is still the supreme and what we saw afterward was Cordelia's version of heaven.

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    • when did she faint? Im so confused

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    • Americanhorror5379 wrote:
      when did she faint? Im so confused

      Nevermind I found it. That is an interesting theory though. 

      I guess this theory can explain why Cordelia had the vision of Fiona killing everyone in the Coven. Remember the time when Fiona was giving the necklace to Cordelia from her grandmother? But, that wouldn't necessarily explain why Cordelia was in the vision though. 

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    • I personally think that "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins from Sister Jude's entrance into Briarcliff from Asylum should've played when she got into hell. It would've been a cool reference and it would fit well.

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    • When did she faint?

      Are you talking about when she performed Vitalum Vitalis on Zoe? She had to faint because she was draining a bit of her life onto Zoe.

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    • I will have to rewatch the episode to remember but im sure she did at some point

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    • I rewatched it, she fainted because she poured part of her life force onto Zoe to revive her.

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