• Murder House is still by far my favourite series of AHS, but I felt a tad let down by the ending of Afterbirth and so here's how I feel it should have ended.

    (This will probably contain spoilers for the actual ending, but that's your fault for clicking a discussion with "ending to Murder House" in the title)

    Tate 2

    Okay, when Tate's describing his 'fantasy' of the school shooting (and in it's onscreen representation) his hair is swept back and his face is covered in that gothic skull facepaint to the pointwhere he's only just recognisable. But, when we see the real shooting as it happened in Smouldering Children his hair is as it always is and he wore no make-up.

    So, what if the killer in Tate's visions isn't actually him? What if at the end of Afterbirth, instead of cutting to '3 years later' it cuts to '18 years later'?

    Tate Langdon


    The door knocks and Constance opens it to reveal an armed police force at the door. The police push their way in, past Constance and upstairs into the bedroom, where Michael (Tate's son by Vivienne) is sat on the bed with his hair slicked back and wearing full facepaint. He stands up and repeats the gesture Tate did in 1994, putting his finger to his head as a pistol. As he pulls the 'trigger' the screen blacks out. There's a brief moment of silence, then all you hear is a piercing scream from Constance.

    -Credits roll-

    What do you guys think? Anyone else got any interesting alternatives?

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