• I'm not talking about her death at the finale but her being burnt at the stake. As many of you know a witch's power spikes in times of crisis but why didn't Misty use any of that power when she was being forced by those men. Or for that matter why didn't we get a flashback of her getting her revenge on those who sought to kill her instead of showing us a flashback of her killing alligator hunters.

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    • I totally agree! Why didn't she use some transmutation or why didn't a power spike that would save her at the moment?

      About to be burned, helpless, why was she SO sure she would get revenge? Had she died before? Did she know she would come back after that?

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    • I'm guessing she knew she could try whether it would work or not.

      As for transmutation, I think if you are physically bound to someplace (i.e in ropes or strangulation) then you are fixed. 

      Transmutation is not teleporting, it is travelling from A to B without occupying the space inbetween (C), it was impossible for Misty to break out of the rope so could not transmutate, same for Madison :) 

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    • ^ Travelling from A to B without occupying the space in between is the very definition of teleportation. The show simply didn't use the word "teleportation" and chose to go with "transmutation". Technically, transmutation is altering matter to change it into something else (water in wine, lead in gold, etc).

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    • Maybe the alligator hunters may have been associated with her killers?  exact revenge LOL

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