• Episode 11 detailed synposis!

    1830: Madame LaLaurie, newly arrived in New Orleans, discovers her penchant for cruelty.

    Today: As the Coven mourns one of their own, Cordelia realizes that her mother needs to be stopped. Meanwhile, The Corporation covers their tracks, as Harrison plans a double-cross. We learn more about Madame LaLaurie's past and present, as she finds her circumstances more and more intolerable. She returns to a horrifying pastime of old that will make the hours bearable for her again... and finds an unexpected ally and kindred spirit, who offers her a chance at getting the one thing she truly wants. As Fiona and the Axeman make plans for the future, Cordelia tries to regain the trust of an embittered Queenie. Zoe and Kyle pursue justice – but they're interrupted by a jealous Madison. Cordelia makes a desperate sacrifice to gain the power she needs to protect the Coven from enemies without and within. Myrtle gives Zoe an unexpected gift to help her and Kyle, though Zoe's not sure she wants it. Fiona and Marie Laveau have a deadly face off with Harrison and The Corporation. And Madame LaLaurie finds that sometimes, you don't get what you want... but you get what you need.


    What do y'all think? Who is the coven mourning? Why does Cordelia come to this conclusion after she admitted at the end of "Head" she was happy she was still alive when she found a silver bullet? Do you think LaLaurie will go back to torturing blacks? So many questions!

    I personally believe Misty dies since Zoe and Kyle seem to be persuring justice, considering that they are the ones that know her best. However it could be Nan and Zoe is just trying to do the right thing and avenge her death and Kyle is willing to help. (Nan/Misty are the two not mentioned in the synposis and RM did say death will be permanent as well, and Misty is the only one beside Fiona who has the power of resurgence) I also believe when it says that Cordelia makes a sacrifice to gain power, it's the power of the supremacy. With Myrtle, I am kinda feeling the gift she gives Zoe is something to do with the Seven Wonders and the rise to becoming the Supreme. however who knows, maybe Cordelia and Zoe will clash when it comes to becoming the next supreme. Cordelia doing it to try to protect the coven, and Zoe just because she is the true born heir of the supremacy. I don't think if that was the case that it would end in one of them killing each other though.

    Just my thoughts!

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