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  • Who do you think Spalding is? and why is he at the Academy? Anyone in favour of the idea that he is Fiona's brother?

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    • No idea on that one. But I have a feeling he is a key part. Crazy idea here: it would be awesome if he became the first man to be a witch, but that probably won't happen. Even funnier if he was the next supreme hahaha!

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    • Hahaha entertaining thoughts there! Oh for the heck of it, I vote next Supreme! :D That would anger Fiona to no end!

      Hmmm... maybe he's Delia's dad...

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    • I dont think that he is Delia's dad becouse he  and Fiona really dont have a good realation (I said that becouse she cut him tongue) 

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    • After some hints given by Ryan I'm assuming he is going to take Madison's tongue and then be voiced for the rest of the season by emma. 

      "While Roberts is coy about Madison’s fate on Coven, co-creator Ryan Murphy was slightly more revealing. “Well, I mean, yes, she is dead,” says Murphy. “The funny thing about a horror show to me is that anybody can die at any time. I love that.” But he adds, “All I wanna say is wait ’til you see what happens to the body. Sh-t goes down. When you see episode 4 and you see what Spalding [Denis O'Hare's mute butler] did to the body, you’ll be like ‘Oh, okay I get it. Not only do I get it, but I’m very disturbed""

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    • Just a crazy idea but I have a feeling Spalding will preserve the body or something like that. Even a crazier idea, present it to the voodoo people lol Who knows but I assume he is the star of the next episode.

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    • Looking at the trailer for next week again, I think Spalding cut his own tongue, and for a split second you can see there is someone else in the room with him who turns away as he chops the tongue's going to be very interesting to see how he comes into play here. Denis O'Hare has real talent. If any True Blood fans are here, I'm sure they will acknowledge how incredible it is to see his versatility.

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