Bloody Face Suspects
  • Kit Walker: Kit Walker is being confined at Briarcliff for being the serial killer "Bloody Face". It remains uncertain whether he is guilty or if, as he claims, it is the work of the aliens as yet seen only from his POV. He confesses to something big in "I am Ann Frank: Part 2", the same episode where Bloody Face is unmasked.
  • Arthur Arden: Bloody Face continues to kill even as Kit is confined and the sadistic doctor, with a history of abusing and perhaps killing prostitutes, seems a likely alternative.
  • Grace - Citing similar eyes this is a pet theory among fans.
  • Extraterrestrials - It all began with the purported abduction of Kit and Alma Walker.
  • A Demon - If there's one there may be two. Could we have a possession epidemic on our hands?
  • Timothy Howard, Sister Jude or Sister Mary Eunice - The suspected victims that are known to us, (Alma and Wendy), are "sinners" by the tenets of the faith, making these three suspects.
  • Oliver Thredson - He is a doctor, and might have the necessary tools and skills to perform the killings..


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