Bloody Face Is Possessed In 2012
Status Specifics
Theory unproven

In The Coat Hanger, the demon-possessed Sr. Mary Eunice seems intent on keeping Lana's baby alive in 1964, and this baby presumably grows up to be Johnny Morgan. In 2012, Johnny confesses to a therapist that his psychotic behavior is inspired by "Voices" telling him to skin women, and that these voices were present from birth and only increased when he discovered his father, Oliver Thredson was the original Bloody Face. Given that such specific behavior is not passed from father to son genetically, and given that the 2012 Bloody Face was already violently attacking animals before he discovered his ancestry, it may be possible that he is unknowingly harboring the demon that sat in Mary Eunice in 1964.

Possibly the demon recognized the potential of Bloody Face's child for causing mayhem (as it recognized Thredson to be the original Bloody Face, as seen in Dark Cousin). Thus, it would have protected the baby as 'insurance' - to provide a new host for it to leap into should Mary Eunice be killed and/or exorcised, and for it to go into hiding until Johnny was ready for it to take control.


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