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The Replacements
Season 3, Episode 3
The Replacements
Air date October 23, 2013
Written by

James Wong

Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
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"Boy Parts"
"Fearful Pranks Ensue"

"The Replacements" is the third episode of Coven. It was first broadcast on October 23, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Fiona takes on an unlikely protégé. A guilt-ridden Zoe tries to give Kyle his old life back. Madison has a fiery exchange with Joan Ramsey, a new neighbor.

Plot Edit


A young Fiona and her predecessor in Supremacy, Annaleigh Leighton, discuss how the new Supreme is chosen. Annaleigh tells her that the official way to determine the next Supreme is by performing the Seven Wonders in front of the Council, but Fiona wants to know how Annaleigh knew "in her bones". Annaleigh tells her that it is possible for witches to have four to five powers and still not be considered the Supreme, and the only way to be sure is to perform the Seven Wonders. Fiona asks Annaleigh to let her perform it, but Annaleigh strongly refuses, saying Fiona is too young. Fiona counters that it is obvious she herself is the next Supreme, since while her powers are blossoming, Annaleigh is getting sick with ailments and is getting weaker, and she is refusing to let her perform the Seven Wonders because she is still clinging onto her title. Annaleigh angrily admits that Fiona is a spoiled young woman, and she has foreseen that if Fiona takes the crown at that age and with that attitude, she is going to destroy the coven and Annaleigh considers it her duty to make sure that Fiona will never get it. It ends with Fiona slitting Annaleigh's throat. She spots Spalding at the door, who wisely holds his tongue. 


Fiona visits a plastic surgeon and tearfully watches a procedural video on facelifts.

Zoe visits Kyle's mother, Alicia, who is smoking his pot stash. They reminisce about Kyle's work ethic and gentle nature. Alicia over-shares that she was on the verge of hanging herself when Zoe called. Alicia asks if Zoe was Kyle's girlfriend, but Zoe says they were just friends. Zoe tries to assures her that her son will return.

Nan, Queenie and Madison ogle a shirtless Luke Ramsey moves in next door when his mother, Joan, reprimands him to be humble and put a shirt on. When she spots the girls staring at him, she orders him to go inside and get another shirt.

Delphine watches the television, barely comprehending its function. She is in tears seeing Obama has become president, and Fiona taunts her by saying she voted for Obama twice, and that black people have already become important members of the government and became public figures. She hands Delphine a new maid's outfit and tells her she is to be the new maid. Delphine angrily asks if Fiona knows who she is, and Fiona, unfazed, says that she is the new maid or else she'll be sent back to the box.

At the dining table, the girls discuss Luke and their virginities. Madison obviously lost hers already, and Nan says she was very promiscuous before she went to the Academy. Nan reads Queenie's mind and tells Madison that Queenie is still a virgin. Queenie admits that she's saving herself for the right person. Delphine serves lunch and Queenie recognizes her as the one who hit her on the head with a candlestick [1]. Delphine takes offense to Queenie addressing her directly, saying she refuses to serve Queenie if she talks to her. They square off, and Delphine throws Queenie's food against the wall. Fiona intervenes, and assigns Delphine to be Queenie's personal slave, saying there's nothing she hates more than racists.

In her cabin, Misty and Kyle listen to Stevie Nicks. Zoe visits, and Misty reveals that many of Kyle's scars have been healed by the mud, except the deep scars around his neck and arms. Kyle is still mute, however, and communicates with Zoe by stroking her hair. Zoe wants to take him home to his mother, but Misty wants them both to stay. She thinks that Kyle isn't ready yet. He lashes out at her. Misty feels abandoned, despite Zoe's assurances, and laments that she will not return. She tearfully imitates her musical idol's spinning dance.

Nan and Madison bring a housewarming cake to the new neighbors,Joan and Luke Ramsey, with Madison wearing a very revealing dress. Luke treats Madison the same way as Nan, and notices when Madison tries to bring the attention to her. Luke admits that they don't have a television or internet, so he doesn't recognize Madison. Joan says they are leaving for Bible study, which Madison insults. Joan angrily takes the cake knife from Madison's hand and shouts at them to leave and not return. Madison flings the knife into the wall. Joan thinks she aimed the knife at her head. On her way out, Madison, to her own and Nan's surprise, sets the curtains on fire.

Zoe returns Kyle home to his mother, who snatches him up. Later, she recounts seeing Kyle in the shower, his body now having different anatomy. Now that they are "together again", she seduces him. Through her monologue, it is clear that she began seeing Kyle, her son, sexually after his father left them and acts jealous thinking that Zoe is Kyle's girlfriend. 

Cordelia consults with her gynecologist while Hank is at a construction bidding outside New Orleans. He reveals that there is a medical problem, and she can never be fertile, saying that if he had a magic wand to make her fertile he'd use it. Cordelia agrees. Elsewhere, the cosmetic surgeon gives Fiona similar news: that her blood work and immune system are highly irregular and that no doctor will allow elective surgery.

Joan visits the academy, with the gift of a bible, to tell Fiona that the girls are not to visit again and, if they do so, she will charge the school with Madison's attempted knife throw and arson. Madison enters and, claiming association with the Devil and plans to tempt Luke, drives Joan away. Fiona is intrigued by Madison's new pyrokinesis and asks Madison to light her cigarette. Madison smiles as she does so magically.

Cordelia visits Cornrow City to consult with Marie Laveau about her fertility problem. The Voodoo Queen is in residence, and knows exactly who Cordelia is. Marie describes the ritual and the unpleasantness for all involved, including a goat sacrifice, fifty-thousand dollars in cash and more. Cordelia says that she will get it, but Marie laughs that it will never happen because the Voodoo are at war with Fiona. Cordelia is surprised that Fiona has been there, and Marie describes the unpleasant encounter they had.

Zoe receives a call from Alicia that Kyle is back but not himself.

Fiona and Madison discuss Madison's fame and family life at a sidewalk cafe. Madison reveals that her mother made Madison a child star so that they could have money, and that her mother was a horrible mother who smoked half of Madison's drug stash and then pinned the blame on her when the police found it. Fiona admits that she was a horrible mother to Cordelia. Madison volunteers to be Fiona's new protege. Fiona starts by teaching her how to Coerce by luring a man into the middle of the street.

Delphine suggests that Queenie will not catch a man with her weight, but Queenie says that she cannot find love in any man and has found it in food. Delphine hears a noise outside and catches a glimpse of the Minotaur. A terrified Delphine tells Queenie about her past. Queenie tries to beat her up after remembering her tour in the LaLaurie home, but Delphine lies and says that Bastien (the black slave) violated her daughter which was why she punished him and turned him into a Minotaur. Queenie tells Delphine to hide, but not before taking some of her blood to use as bait. Queenie draws him to the greenhouse, where she tells him that they're both alike because people think they're beasts, but in reality they're just looking for love, which is why he violated Delphine's daughter. She offers herself sexually, and he takes her from behind. He clasps his semi-hoof hand over her mouth while she screams.

Alicia tries to talk to Kyle about the changes in him. She begs to know who he is. She tries again to seduce him again, insisting no girl (not even Zoe) can please him like she can. He screams "No!" as he grabs a trophy from the shelf and bludgeons her to death with it.

In a pool hall, Madison practices coercion while Fiona watches. They toast her success, and Fiona discreetly pours out her own alcohol. She must now pay attention, lest Madison should displace her as Supreme. Secretly Fiona is trying to keep Madison from replacing her. For a moment, she sees Madison morph into her younger, ambitious self. 

Zoe arrives at Alicia's house. No one answers. She wanders inside and finds Alicia's bashed-in body and a bloody Kyle.

Fiona laughs with Madison in the parlor, among the portraits of past Supremes, reserving which spot her portrait will take. Fiona voices her suspicion that Madison will be the next Supreme and advises her to have her portrait done while still young. She expounds that she herself is dying of cancer, and her life force is pouring into Madison. Madison counters that she can bring in top doctors, but Fiona will have none, electing to go out on top and not a shriveled and bald corpse. Fiona laments that she squandered her time as Supreme, and that she thanked her mentor's gifts by killing her. Fiona gives Madison the knife and demands that Madison kill her. Madison refuses, and they fight. In the ensuing argument, Fiona accidentally slits Madison's throat. Spalding appears in the same place for the third time and brings her a towel for her bloodied hands, and she tells him to bury her deep in the lawn. Fiona is not ready to give up her throne yet, implying that if Madison was indeed the next Supreme, then the coven wouldn't need another Supreme for now.

Featured Characters Edit

Alicia Spencer Edit

Alicia Spencer
Portrayed by Mare Winningham
Species Human
Cause of Death Bludgeoned by Kyle Spencer

Alicia Spencer is Kyle Spencer's mother. Kyle's death brings her to the brink of suicide from which Zoe pulls her back by returning her son. She immediately rekindles their incestuous relationship to which Kyle responds by bashing her skull in with a trophy.

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Notes Edit


  1. Episode: Boy Parts

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