The Axeman is a serial killer based on the New Orleans historical figure. He is a character in Coven portrayed by Danny Huston.


The Axeman was a jazz musician who played saxophone in various clubs throughout New Orleans. After the city was rocked by a 1919 killing spree, the Axeman typed up a confession naming his murder victims and intention to kill again, which was delivered to and printed by the local newspaper. The manifesto promised amnesty to those residents who played jazz music in their homes, and death to those who didn't. However, further murders were prevented as the Axeman was lured by defiant opera emanating from Miss Robichaux's Academy. Within, he was baited into a room by the witch Millie who, with the aid of magic and a knife in the hand of every one of her coven sisters, put an end to his reign of terror over their community. His spirit secretly remained behind as a ghost confined to the school.

Personality and Appearance

The Axeman is tall and suave, with salt and pepper hair. Under his gentle and poised pretense lay a ruthless serial killer. He is a saxophone player and jazz enthusiast, whose axe spared those who shared his interest. His voice was deep and gravelly, yet smooth, and he tended to refer to his saxophone as his "instrument."


The Axeman was contacted by Zoe Benson, Queenie, and Nan by means of an Ouija board to find information on Madison Montgomery's whereabouts. Though the initial attempt at questioning him failed, Zoe later communicated with the Axeman on her own, promising him release should he comply with her wishes. He did as she asked, but Zoe failed to uphold her side of the deal. The Axeman appeared to Cordelia Foxx in her bedroom (the same in which he was executed), armed with his axe and violently demanding release. Zoe, Queenie, and Nan managed to save Cordelia by reciting an incantation which freed his spirit from the Academy and unknowingly gave him a physical presence in the world. [1]

Fiona follows him to "his" apartment - the owner was killed and left in the bathtub - where he attempts to seduce her, but her desires are stifled by her impending death by cancer and her chemotherapy taking her hair. He still convinces her to stay for sex, using his technique with the saxophone as a metaphor. [3]

The next morning he awakens to find Fiona ready to leave, where she refers to the dead body in the bathtub - he counters with his knowledge of her lifetime, as he was trapped in the house since his death in 1919. He recounts how he killed a bully who was tormenting a group of younger students (among whom was a young, defiant Fiona), and how she grew to be a strong and powerful woman. Fiona rebuffs his advances, but her insecurities about her mortality lead her back to him. [3]

The Axeman and Fiona discuss plans of running away together. [4]

During Marie Laveau and Fiona's meeting with the Delphi Trust, The Axeman poses as a waiter and massacres a majority of the staff minus Harrison Renard. The Axeman hands over his axe to Fiona, who slices Harrison's neck and kills him. [5]

Later on, Cordelia barges into his apartment to warn him about her mother. She warns him that Fiona cannot love anyone but herself and is planning to leave the country without him. [2] The Axeman discovers this to be true when he finds a plane ticket in Fiona's bag. He angrily reminds her of their deal to run away together, but Fiona assures him that her departure will only be temporary until the next Supreme has been identified for her to kill. With the Axeman's consent, Fiona plants a false vision in his mind to fool the Coven into believing that he murdered her. While he is passed out, Fiona covers him with goat's blood before leaving, causing him to regain consciousness. [6]

He later ambushes the Coven, attempting to kill them while Misty Day and Madison are brawling. However, all the witches present use their telekinesis to throw him against the stairs. From the blood dripping from him, Cordelia realizes that he killed her mother and fed her body to the alligators, which prevents Misty from possibly bringing her back to life. Kyle pulls the Axeman away, but Madison cuts him with his axe, hacking at his abdomen. Misty, Zoe, and Queenie telekinetically retrieve knives from the kitchen, and kill him by stabbing him to death. [2]

After becoming the new Supreme, Cordelia uses the Sight to discover that the Axeman never really killed Fiona - it was merely a ploy to have the Coven get rid of him and buy Fiona time until she could kill the next Supreme. Now on the verge of death, Fiona makes amends with Cordelia before finally passing. She awakens in her personal hell, condemned to live with the Axeman in his farmhouse heaven for all eternity. [6]


  • The Axeman is the first character in American Horror Story to be portrayed by Danny Huston. His second portrayal was as Massimo Dolcefino in season four, Freak Show.
    • In both seasons, his and Lange's character play love interests.



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