Telekinesis is the power to manipulate and induce movement in physical bodies without physical touch. It is one of the Seven Wonders that appear in Coven, and the most commonly used magical ability.


Witches with the power of telekinesis, can manipulate or move objects without touching them, simply by using their minds. This can range from small objects such as pens, knives and cigarettes to larger objects, such as tables, cars, houses, and beyond. The witches of Salem chose it as one of their Seven Wonders.

Madison Montgomery was born with this power and first displayed it in a flashback, when she unraveled a coil and dropped a stage light on her director's head, killing him instantly. She seems to use it in times of extreme emotion such as fear or anger, such as flipping over the Kappa Labda Gamma bus at a frat party shortly after being gang raped, throwing a knife at Joan Ramsey when she was humiliated by her, and attacking Zoe upon being confronted about her relationship with Kyle.

Fiona Goode has also displayed her telekinesis on many occasions, such as telekinetically throwing Madison into a wall after being taunted by her and opening doors and windows on various occasions. Zoe Benson has also practiced telekinesis, as was shown when she levitated her own bed, even with herself on it. Myrtle Snow calls telekinesis her favorite magical ability and was seen using it when she opened the academy's gate and control the lights of the house during the Seven Wonders' test. Zoe, Queenie, Misty, Madison and Cordelia were able to send The Axeman flying backwards after he threatened to kill them, after which knives flew into their hands from the kitchen so that they could murder him.

The Trial of Telekinesis was one of the trials shown during the trial of the Seven Wonders. Kyle lit several candles which Misty, Queenie, Madison and Zoe all took turns pulling towards themselves. Misty struggled for a while, but Queenie, Madison and Zoe all moved theirs effortlessly. Cordelia telekinetically levitates a piano. Cordelia later telekinetically manipulates a lamp turn it on, so she could see her mother in the dark.

The young candidate for Supreme during the Seven Wonders skit was able to make a blade fly into her hand. [4]

Scáthach used telekinesis to remove a cage from The Butcher's head.

The Butcher displayed this power during a séance conducted by Cricket Marlowe, Shelby, and Lee, shattering all windows of the Roanoke House before careening a cleaver at Cricket's statue of a saint, splitting it in half as a warning.

The Devil demonstrated this power shortly after possessing Sister Mary Eunice, at first shaking a cross on a wall and later threatening Arthur Arden by tossing him into a shelf.

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