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Tate Langdon is a patient of Ben Harmon harboring dark secrets. He is a character in the first season (dubbed by fans "Murder House") portrayed by Evan Peters.



Tate was born in 1977 to Hugo and Constance Langdon. Tate was the brother of Adelaide, Beauregard, and possibly one other unidentified albino sibling. Though he alone of the Langdon children has escaped visible physical defect, he is very mentally disturbed, perhaps owing in some part to his absentee father and neglectful mother. Though Constance killed Hugo for his infidelities, Tate believed his father to have run away when he was six years old. It is highly probable that Constance lied to him about Hugo's fate, though whether this was to spare his feelings or prevent her incarceration is unknown. Tate found solace in the ghost of Nora Montgomery, who treated him maternally after her real son Thaddeus (AKA Infantata) tried to harm him. Tate reached his breaking point in 1994 when he set his mother's then boyfriend, Larry Harvey, on fire for murdering Beauregard with a pillow and then afterwards committed a mass shooting at Westfield High, taking the lives of 15 students.

Following the shooting, Tate returned home where he was killed by a SWAT team and since then has resided in the Murder House.

Personality and Appearance

Tate has a very grunge-like appearance, appropriate to a teenager in the early 1990s. Like his musical idol Kurt Cobain, his disposition is primarily solemn and weary. He has perpetual bags under his eyes, perhaps due to drug abuse. He has a hatred for his mother, Constance, born out of her negligent parenting and the verbal abuse she constantly dealt him as a child in her drunken alcoholic rages. Despite her disapproval, Constance frequently makes excuses for him, calling him a sensitive boy. Tate can quickly become enraged when someone or something he cares about is threatened. To those unfamiliar with his past, Tate feigns ignorance of his current state of existence. In truth, he is aware that he is a ghost, but fears rejection if it is known, especially from new friend Violet.

As a ghost, Tate primarily dons a BDSM fetish coverall to become (what is popularly referred to as) the Rubber Man whenever he commits violent acts. In this persona, he killed Chad Warwick and Patrick in a particularly brutal fashion. He beat Chad, nearly drowned him to death, only to then kill him with a bullet to the chest. He went on to beat Patrick and sodomize him with a fire poker as he was dying. Tate appears to be super-humanly strong as a ghost, as he was capable of overwhelming Patrick and Ben in separate fights. In his earlier treatments by Ben, Tate often fantasized about murdering his classmates and took pleasure in mocking Ben about his sexual desires and infidelity with his past student, Hayden McClaine. Tate would also like to hint to Ben about the lustful desires he had for Violet.

As his relationship with Violet and treatments with Ben continued, Tate seemed to become softer and friendlier. He often speaks highly of Ben as a father, telling Violet he wished he had a father like him while growing up. He also expressed the sentiment to Hayden that he was getting tired of hurting people. However, he continues to be unwilling to let Violet move out of the House, to the point where he attacked both Ben and Vivien as the Rubber Man. Tate would later tell Ben that he really did feel like his treatments were helping him get better. He also broke down in tears and admitted to the suffering he'd caused, though Ben did not believe he was really remorseful.


Tate begins seeing Dr. Ben Harmon and forms a relationship with his daughter, Violet. He later helps Violet terrorize her bullying schoolmate, Leah, and it appears he may have some connection to the Infantata.[1]

Tate kills Bianca, one of the Franklin Murder re-creators, with an axe, nearly chopping her in half in order to save Violet and Vivien. He also coaxes the other intruders into the basement. He later appears in the basement with Moira O'Hara and Constance. He is familiar with both of them, and alludes to the fact that Constance has some vested interest in his continuing to see Dr. Harmon.[2]

Tate is Constance's son. Her late husband, Hugo, is presumably Tate's father. According to Tate, Constance cheated on his father with a neighbor (possibly Larry), and after learning this information he abandoned the family. This occurred when Tate was 10. However, in a more recent episode, he stated he was 6 when this happened. We do not know yet what this means. This could be a plot hole: Tate could have lied, misremembered, or Constance got remarried after Hugo's death.

Tate refuses to be transferred to Dr. Goldman when Ben terminates their counseling sessions because of continued boundary issues. He continues to see Violet, despite Ben's efforts to cease their relationship. Tate sheds some light on the house's history when he tells Violet the story of Charles and Nora Montgomery, the original owners of the Murder House, and the origins of Infantata, though Violet does not believe him. She then confronts him about not having been outside of the basement for a "real date".  He takes Violet on a "real date" away from the house on Halloween.

Tate brings Violet to one of his favorite spots on the beach. After kissing and talking about his time in high school, they are interrupted by a group of teenagers dressed up as murder victims. The teenagers follow them home and Violet confronts them. Tate comes out as the group began harassing Violet, and leads them on a long chase. They end up back at the beach as they surround Tate and accuse him of their deaths. Tate denies this and claims that they are simply hallucinations. They demand an explanation as to why he murdered them or to at least admit his wrongs. However, he claims not to know who they are and they depart as the sun begins to rise.[3]

Tate did indeed kill the teenagers who accused him of their murders. He shot them while they took cover in the Westfield High library and killed 15 people in total during the school shooting. A Los Angeles S.W.A.T. team confronted him at his house and shot him several times after he pulled out a gun he hid under his pillow. We later learn that Tate had snorted large amounts of crystal meth before the shooting. While talking to Adelaide via a medium, Adelaide mentions that she is scared of Tate after learning of what he has done. Tate tries to save Violet from a suicide attempt, and tearfully professes his love for her.[4]

Tate is the Rubber Man. Prior to the Harmons' moving into the Murder House, he promised Nora he would provide her with a child. He dons the suit to partake in gruesome activities such as impregnating Vivien and brutally murdering Chad Warwick and Patrick, as they decided not to have a child. He also wears the suit when attacking Vivien in her bedroom, which leads to her being taken by the police for a medical observation due to Ben's belief that she is losing her mind.[5]

Only one of Vivien's twins is Tate's (the other is Ben's). Constance discovers this and confronts Tate, only for him to plead for her not to tell Violet. Billie Dean says that a child conceived between a spirit and a human will usher in the "End of Days" and is considered the "anti-Christ".[6]

Tate is aware that he is dead. It appeared that Tate had no recollection of his own death. However, Tate claimed he was hiding the fact to avoid scaring off Violet. We also learn that Tate is the one who burned Larry, in revenge for killing his brother. After Tate fails to convince Violet to commit suicide as a couple "like Romeo and Juliet", we find out that Violet was already dead, due to her suicide attempt, and that Tate was aware of this and had hidden her body in a crawl space underneath the house. Tate later knocks out Ben, while disguised as Rubber Man, using chloroform. Ben manages to unmask him before going unconscious discovering that he is the one responsible for impregnating his wife, Vivien.[7]

A flashback to 1984, explains the dynamic between Tate and Nora and why she is important to him. In the same episode, Tate tells Nora he is reneging on his promise to give her his and Vivien's baby. Nora however vows to take the baby regardless, as do Chad and Patrick. Tate tries working with Violet on a way to get rid of Chad and Patrick, only for the ritual to fail.[8]

Vivien later dies due to complications during labor, and Violet learns from Chad that one of her mother's twins was fathered by Tate when he raped her. Violet then ends her relationship with Tate and makes him "go away."

Tate attempts to murder Gabriel, a new occupant of the Murder House, allegedly because Violet will need some companionship now that she no longer wants him in her life. Violet kisses Tate goodbye, distracting him long enough for Gabriel to escape. Tate later confides in Ben, claiming to feel remorse for all he's done and to want to be a better person. Ben no longer falls for his act and diagnoses Tate as a psychopath and says that a psychopath by definition cannot feel remorse. Tate and Hayden later watch the Harmon family as they celebrate Christmas, where Hayden tells him that Violet will never forgive him for all the pain and suffering he has caused her family. Tate replies that he will wait for her forever if it's necessary.[9]


  • Tate (to Chad and Patrick): "You pathetic homo's couldn't steal the shit out of your own asses!"
  • Tate (to Violet Harmon): "I painted it black. I know how you don't like normal things."
  • Tate: "I used to come here... when the world closed in and got so small I couldn't breathe. I'd look out at the ocean, and I'd think... 'Yo, douche bag, high school counts for jack shit.'"
  • Tate (to Violet Harmon): "You’re doing it wrong. If you’re trying to kill yourself, cut vertically. They can’t stitch that up. And if you're trying to kill yourself, you might also try locking the door."
  • Tate (to Ben Harmon): "So what do shrinks think when a wildly brilliant patient doesn't talk to punish said psychiatrist? I bet you think about sex."
  • Tate: "Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?"
  • Tate: "You're the only light I've ever known. You've changed me, Violet."
  • Tate: "The world is a filthy place; It's a filthy goddamn horror show."
  • Tate (in mock prayer): "Lord, a big thank you for blinding the asshole that's doing my mother, so that he can't see what everybody knows, she doesn't really love him."
  • Tate (to Ben Harmon): "In 1994, I set my mom's boyfriend on fire, and then I shot and killed 15 kids at Westfield High. I murdered the gay couple who lived here before you, and I raped your wife."
  • Tate: "I tried to make you throw them up. You threw up some, not enough. You took so many Violet. You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died... loved."
  • Tate: "Screw high school. That's... it's just a blip in your timeline. Don't get stuck there."


  • He is the first character to be portrayed by Evan Peters. The second is Kit Walker, the third is Kyle Spencer, the fourth is Jimmy Darling and the fifth is James March.
  • Tate mentions that he likes Kurt Cobain, who killed himself in the same year that Tate committed the murders and was killed. Tate's grunge clothing style also seems to be inspired by Cobain as well.
  • Tate ran track at Westfield High.
  • According to the school librarian, Tate mostly read books on birds and Byron. Tate is very much the archetypal Byronic hero.
  • In his school shooting fantasies, Tate's makeup is a replica of the intricate body tattoos of real life model and sideshow act Rick Genest, aka Rico Zombie. The show was sued due to this.
  • The actor who plays Tate Langdon, Evan Peters, is the ex-boyfriend of the actress who plays Young Moira, Alexandra Breckenridge.
  • Evan Peters said that to prepare he read a lot of books about psychopaths like Charles Manson because he was charming as well as terrifying, like Tate.[10]
  • "Norman Bates Jr" (reference to the main antagonist of the novel/movie Psycho) is a nickname given by Chad to Tate.
  • The name Tate is a reference to Sharon Tate, just like Charles Montgomery and Bianca refer to either victims or perpetrators of the Charles Manson murders. The original description of the Tate character was "Charles Manson dangerous."
  • The name Tate also apparently means either He who brings happiness or Cheerful. Ironically, Tate is the source of most of the despair to the Harmons, especially Violet.
  • Ryan Murphy on Tate: "'The devil is beautiful' [...] Tate is the true monster of the show."[11]



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