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Episodic Music Edit

These are individual songs, not score compositions.

Music of Murder House
Song Links Artist Episode or Theme Scene
"Tonight You Belong To Me" YouTube logo 2013 Spotify Patience and Prudence Pilot Troy and Bryan demolish the house
"Tonight You Belong To Me" YouTube logo 2013 Spotify Patience and Prudence Afterbirth The Ramos family flees
"Special Death" YouTube logo 2013 Spotify Mirah Tate and Violet Scenes related to Tate and Violet
"Tainted Love" YouTube logo 2013 Hannah Peel Promotional Used in Clues videos

Featured in Murder House Edit

Pilot Edit

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Home Invasion Edit

Murder House Edit

Halloween: Part 1 Edit

Halloween: Part 2 Edit

Piggy Piggy Edit

Open House Edit

Rubber Man Edit

  • "XXX" by Natalie Nylon (When Chad shops at the S&M/Sex Shop.)

Spooky Little Girl Edit

Smoldering Children Edit

Afterbirth Edit

  • En Infiel by Marvelous Toy (When Violet meets Gabe)Spotify
  • "Tonight You Belong To Me" by Patience and Prudence (When the Ramoses are escaping the Murder House)Spotify
  • "Loretta" and "Roses Today" by John (or Johnny) Scott (the two instrumental background lounge tracks when Constance Langdon talks to her hairdresser near the end of the episode)
  • The Little Drummer Boy – Harry Simeone Chorale (Christmas tree scene)

Other Episodes/Repeating Themes Edit

Featured in AsylumEdit

Welcome to Briarcliff

Featured in CovenEdit

Featured in Websites or Promotions Edit

Hannah Peel Tainted Love(02:29)
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You're Going To Die In There: Edit

  • Outside : "This Time" performed by Richard Blandon and the Dubs (Written by Dave Antrell.)
  • 1940’s : "Twice as Nice" by Werner Tautz.
  • 1950’s : "A Real Reel Switcher" by Eunice Russ Frost with The Earl Palmer Combo.
  • 1970’s : "R&R" by Will Johnstone, Nicholas Thomas Emmanuel Amour, and Andrew Philip Carroll.
  • 1980’s : "London Boy" by Ian Curnow.
  • 2000’s: "Mystic Maze" by Kully B and Calvin Kahn.


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Music from AHS tumblr - Author has FX/TNT contacts for most accurate info.

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