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Original scoring for American Horror Story is composed by Charlie Clouser (late of Nine Inch Nails). He has created a different main title theme for each season, all incorporating an experimental noise piece from musician Cesar Davila-Irizarry. Along with his incidental music, the soundtrack features borrowed scoring from horror films as well as previously released and newly covered recordings of popular rock and standards.

Episodic Music

These are individual songs, not score compositions.

Music of Murder House
Song Links Artist Episode or Theme Scene
"Tonight You Belong To Me" YouTubeLogo Spotify logo vertical black Patience and Prudence Pilot & Afterbirth Troy and Bryan demolish the house/The Ramos family flees
"Blood Gets Thin" YouTubeLogo Spotify logo vertical black Pete and the Pirates Pilot Violet meets Leah
"Special Death" YouTubeLogo Spotify logo vertical black Mirah Tate and Violet Scenes related to Tate and Violet
"Baby, You Ain't Looking Right" YouTubeLogo Spotify logo vertical black PowerSolo Pilot End credits
"Tainted Love" YouTubeLogoSpotify logo vertical black Hannah Peel Promotional Used in Clues videos

Music of Asylum
Song Links Artist Episode or Theme Scene
Dominique YouTubeLogo Soeur Marie Welcome to Briarcliff In the common room of Briarcliff
There Goes My Baby (Re-Recorded) Spotify logo vertical black The Drifters Welcome to Briarcliff Kit singing along as he closes shop
Bucket of Blood (Carrie) YouTubeLogo Pino Donaggio Welcome to Briarcliff Lana Winters Arrives at the Asylum
Pater Noster YouTubeLogo Richard Eihhorn Welcome to Briarcliff Sister Jude dining with Monsignor Timmothy Howard)
Moon in My Mind YouTubeLogo Frankie Rose Welcome to Briarcliff Leo and Teresa enter the abandoned asylum
Softly Baby YouTubeLogo Red Garland Welcome to Briarcliff Lana and Wendy talking
Lovemaker, Lovebreaker YouTubeLogo Frank Fafara Welcome to Briarcliff Kit and Alma lay in bed after sex
For the Last Time We'll Pray (Carrie) YouTubeLogo Pino Donaggio Welcome to Briarcliff Sr. Mary escorts Lana

Music of Coven
Song Links Artist Episode or Theme Scene
Sugarland Spotify logo vertical black Papa Mali Bitchcraft Zoe leaves parents' home

Music of Freak Show
Song Links Artist Episode or Theme Scene
Should I The Four Aces Monsters Among Us
Tango Notturno Negri Monsters Among Us
Carnival Of Souls Verne Langdon Monsters Among Us
Kiss Of Fire Georgia Gibbs Monsters Among Us
Thunder Jody Reynolds Monsters Among Us
Wenn Du Mal In Hawaii Bist Orchestra Marek Weber Monsters Among Us
Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart Les Baxter Monsters Among Us
Down At The Beach The Pentagons Monsters Among Us
With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming Patti Page Monsters Among Us
Loneliness Ends With Love Al Lerner & Margaret Whiting Monsters Among Us
Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart Vera Lynn Monsters Among Us

Featured in Murder House



Home Invasion

Murder House

Halloween: Part 1

Halloween: Part 2

Piggy Piggy

Open House

Rubber Man

  • "XXX" by Natalie Nylon (When Chad shops at the S&M/Sex Shop.)

Spooky Little Girl

Smoldering Children


  • En Infiel by Marvelous Toy (When Violet meets Gabe)Spotify
  • "Tonight You Belong To Me" by Patience and Prudence (When the Ramoses are escaping the Murder House)Spotify
  • "Loretta" and "Roses Today" by John (or Johnny) Scott (the two instrumental background lounge tracks when Constance Langdon talks to her hairdresser near the end of the episode)
  • The Little Drummer Boy – Harry Simeone Chorale (Christmas tree scene)

Other Episodes/Repeating Themes

Featured in Asylum

Welcome to Briarcliff

  • Moon in My Mind by Frankie Rose (Leo and Teresa enter Briarcliff in 2012)
  • There Goes My Baby by The Drifters (Kit singing along in the garage before being interrupted)
  • Lovemaker, Lovebreaker by Frank Fafara (Kit and Alma post-coitus)
  • Bucket of Blood by Pino Donaggio from Carrie (Lana arrives at Briarcliff)
  • For the Last Time We'll Pray by Pino Donaggio from Carrie (Sr. Mary escorts Lana)
  • Dominique by Soeur Marie (as always in the disc player in the common room)
  • Softly Baby by Red Gardland (Lana and Wendy talking)
  • Voices of Light V: Pater Noster by composer Richard Einhorn (Sr. Jude's fantasy)

Featured in Websites or Promotions

Hannah Peel Tainted Love02:29

Hannah Peel Tainted Love

You're Going To Die In There

  • Outside : "This Time" performed by Richard Blandon and the Dubs (Written by Dave Antrell.)
  • 1940’s : "Twice as Nice" by Werner Tautz.
  • 1950’s : "A Real Reel Switcher" by Eunice Russ Frost with The Earl Palmer Combo.
  • 1970’s : "R&R" by Will Johnstone, Nicholas Thomas Emmanuel Amour, and Andrew Philip Carroll.
  • 1980’s : "London Boy" by Ian Curnow.
  • 2000’s: "Mystic Maze" by Kully B and Calvin Kahn.


Music guide

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