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Spoilerish Summary

“Rubber Man” is I think by far my favorite episode. I think it’s very psychological and I think one of the things about the house is that it’s always conspired to help people or drive them crazy. In the next episode, it kinda does both. Suffice to say, there are several characters in the next episode who want that baby and will do anything to get it.

-- Ryan Murphy

Spoiler Tidbits

  • Chad Warwick & Patrick will return in this episode.[1][2][3] Chad bought the rubber suit for Patrick (see video link).[4][3]
  • You will learn Rubber Man's identity in this episode.[1][4][3]
  • Rubber Man's identity being revealed leads to revealing what is inside Vivien.[4]
  • Hayden will also come back for this episode.[5][4] She and Nora will plot together to abduct Vivien's babies once they are born (see video link).
  • Hayden will torment Vivien and watch the Rubber Man attack Vivien. (see video posted)
  • Nora did not know until this episode that she was dead. Hayden will try to convince her of this (see video link).
  • There will be more flashbacks in this episode than in previous episodes. This episode features four different time periods.[4]
  • "The episode also continues to divulge the pasts of the many victims of the forsaken house that the Harmon’s reside in. Ben attempts to throw a life preserver around his drowning relationship with his daughter, Violet. She, herself, is continuing her peculiar relationship with the very dead and very creepy Tate. Vivien is just about at her wits-end with everything that has happened to her since moving into her home. She begins to feel like she’s literally going crazy after more strange occurrences continue to plague her. A little chat with Moira, her maid, pretty much takes her to the breaking point and she decides to try to escape the madness of the house for good by leaving. Something that proves to be much harder for her to accomplish than she thought." [6]


300px|Official trailer 300px|right|Chad buys the rubber suit in a fetish store
300px|Official trailer in slow motion right|300px|Hayden watches as Rubber man rapes Vivien

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MAJOR Spoilers (reveals who Rubber Man is)

  • Tate is Rubber Man. [7] (see also screen caps below and Notes below)
  • Chad tried to spice up/repair the relationship with Patrick by buying the rubber suit. This "repair" did not work. Since their relationship was unraveling, Chad and Patrick decided to not have a child. Tate killed Chad and Patrick for this reason. Since Tate also impregnated Vivien this also means that he wants a child to live in the Murder House by all means.
  • Hayden enlists Nora's and Tate's help in tormenting Vivien. Hayden wants Vivien out of the picture in order to get Ben back. Hayden has Tate attempt to rape Vivien.
  • Vivien will take "drastic action to ensure the safety of her family."[8]
  • After a discussion with Moira, who advises her to leave, Vivien also attempts to leave the Murder House. She is unsuccessful however. She does leave the house, but in a different way as imagined: Ben has her admitted to a psychiatric hospital.[7]
  • Hayden tries to seduce Tate, since she believes that will ascertain that he is on her side against Vivien. Tate believes that Vivien wants to move with Violet, so he cooperates. He does not, however, sleep with Hayden.[7]
  • Hayden then tries a new plan: Realizing that Violet is the only thing Tate wants, she tries to kill Violet in order to turn her into a ghost as well.[7]
  • Hayden is now a sort of "puppet master" for the house and knows who is a ghost and who isn't.

Sources for the above summary [7] [9] [10]

Notes: Two of the sources for the above Major spoilers are still online (TV Guide and Examiner). The third source, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) interview with Kate Mara, was however first posted on 22 Nov 2011 for a few hours and then blocked ("access denied"). It was "unblocked" after the episode had aired and is thus now accessible online again. Screen caps of said THR article as it originally appeared on their website on 22 Nov 2011 are below, as well as a screencap of the TV Guide blurb. The TV Guide blurb is still online however. 'This wikia does not receive screeners.


Excerpt from interview with Kate Mara (see screen caps):

  • THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (THR): How sure is Hayden that Vivien's "twins" are Tate's/The Rubber Man's?

KATE MARA: Hayden is definitely convinced those are Rubber Man's babies. You're going to discover a lot more than that in next week's episode where you find more information about that; it's pretty shocking. You find out more information about the pregnancy and the twins -- it's not as simple as it seems. [...]

  • THR: Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is standing in the way of Hayden getting Tate behind her. Is Violet a friend or foe to Hayden?

KATE MARA: Hayden doesn't really care about Tate; she thinks she'll seduce him and then he'll do what she wants. But when she realizes that won't work, that's when her brain goes, "OK, what does he want? He wants Violet, so how can he get Violet?" The easiest thing for Hayden is seducing him, which is what got her into trouble in the first place. When that fails, she goes to her next tactic: How can Hayden help him spend the rest of his life with Violet? You'll discover in maybe the next episode how that plan is going to unfold for Tate. Hayden doesn't care about Violet because she hasn't been in her way. Hayden's biggest concern is Vivien: How do I destroy Vivien and take her babies?

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