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Rory Monahan is a conceited actor. He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Evan Peters. Rory Monahan reenacted Edward Philippe Mott in "My Roanoke Nightmare".


While shooting "My Roanoke Nightmare", Rory fell in love with his fellow actress Audrey Tindall. Their relationship was crowned by marriage before filming of the second season of the series, entitled "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell", began its production.

Personality and Appearance

Rory is very humorous and laidback. Despite society's negative connatations with a younger man marrying an older woman, he doesn't seem to find this an issue between Audrey and him. His hair is always ruffled and he dresses a lot more casually and informally, a contrast between his more mature wife.


Not much is known about his career before landing his break through role on My Roanoke Nightmare. After meeting Audrey Tindall who plays Shelby Miller, they soon get married before the two are invited for the show's sequel, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell.

Almost immediately after arriving at the infamous North Carolina house, he finds out that he will be working with Brad Pitt and quickly decides that he will not continue with the reality show, and be away from his wife for six months. This opportunity is cut short when he is brutally murdered by the nurses whilst trying to locate a supposed actor that Sydney hired to scare his wife.[1]


  • In Chapter 7, Audrey implies that Rory is fifteen years younger than her from an analogy about marriage and age differences. She describes that their relationship has transcended societal views of this age gap and that they both love each other, but later reneges on this when Rory goes missing, expressing her insecurities that he has left her for younger women.
  • This is the second season were Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters fall in love since Freak Show
  • He is the second Irish character in the series, the first being Moira O'Hara from Season One, Murder House


  • Rory (to Audrey): "I promise to eternally, forever, love the shit out of you."



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