"Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" is a made-for-television reality show series and is a sequel to the successful My Roanoke Nightmare. The show was planned by producers but never aired due to its disturbing content, as all but one participant were killed during filming.


Crew Members


  • Dylan became an official participant late in the show as a request made by Sidney before he dies.
  • Actor Ashley Gilbert, who reenacted Cricket Marlowe on the original show, was not invited back to appear on the sequel. An unnamed actress that portrayed Scáthach was also not asked to come back, and has not appeared since My Roanoke Nightmare.
  • Actor William van Henderson, who reenacted as Elias Cunningham, was invited to appear on the show, but declined.
  • Along with Lee, Audrey survived long enough to reach the end of the Blood Moon, but was shot down by police when she attempted to kill Lee.
    • Lot Polk also survived, but was shot by cops several months later during a live filming of the Lana Winters Special.

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