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Piggy Man is a disturbing ghost that haunts the Roanoke House and the tritagonist of Season 6. He is a character in Roanoke.


The so-called Piggy Man was once a deserter of the colony who stole provisions from the colony's storehouse. After being scalped by Scáthach, he was found at the edge of the wood by the colonists and brought back to the Butcher for punishment.

As "penance for his betrayal", the Butcher forced the thieving deserter to wear a pig's head, nailed a pig's tail to his own tailbone, and tied the pig's feet to the man's hands and feet. The man was then tied to a spick and roasted like a pig.

His ghost haunts the grounds of the Roanoke House.[1]

Personality and Appearance

The Piggy Man is a half-naked man covered in burns and soot wearing a mask obtained from the severed head of a pig. He is often heard grunting like a swine.

He is an aggressive ghost, attacking the residents and anyone who stays in the Roanoke House.



  • The Piggy Man of urban legend mentioned in "Piggy Piggy", the sixth episode of Murder House, was based off of the in-universe Kincaid Polk, who would take hogs to Chicago for slaughter. At the World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago, Kincaid Polk would put on a pig mask and slaughter people. Kincaid was in turn inspired by the Piggy Man of the Roanoke colonists, who he grew up living near in the forests of North Carolina.




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