The Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men (formerly known as the Outpost 3) is a school and safe haven for warlocks. Outpost 3 was one of ten shelters constructed in minimum fallout zones from the nuclear blasts of World War III. This outpost was built somewhere in North America, to collect people who either financed this operation or had a certain genetic pattern.


For many years, the shelter was the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men, where young warlocks were taught to control their magic. In 2018, Michael Langdon operated an attack to the warlock coven, dismembering all of them. Later, The Cooperative took ownership of the place and converted it into a fallout shelter once they realized that World War III was going to implode. After Mallory used Tempus Infinituum to reverse the events of Apocalypse, Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men was never converted into Outpost 3.


Outpost 3 has an exterior field, surrounded by walls and a gate, that possess dying flora. The environment of the fields is very cloudy and smoky, and what Ms. Venable calls the "Nuclear Winter". Security measures are implemented so that every time there's an intruder, an alarm goes off inside. To access the fields, humans have to use individual protective equipment. In the exterior, the building looks like a black maze that has a door to an elevator. That elevator descends into a hallway that leads to an oval room, where people get decontaminated.

The inside of the Outpost looks like a Victorian house that is illuminated by candles. It has two floors, connected by a spiral staircase, where the lower floor has a dining room and a fireplace room, and the upper floor has the dorms and suites. The music room is a round room, where the walls have shelves filled with books and couches. The suites have a queen-sized bed with an armoire with dress clothes for dinner.

According to Ariel Augustus, the school used to be outside with big wooden beams and huge glass windows. To the point where others can see what's inside. 


As the Hawthorne School

Known wards
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As Outpost 3


  • Before the school went literally underground, the Hawthorne School is a residence complex with big wooden beams and huge glass windows. In 2014, when the new Supreme Cordelia Goode outed the existence of Witches, Warlocks and Magic into the world, some locals around the schools hated their presence and threw molotov cocktails that caused the original school to be burned down. After the incident, and fearing for their safety, the warlocks decided to continue its operations underground, literally.