Mrs. Ellison is a mother with an ailing son. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Mädchen Amick.

Personality and Appearance

A woman in her thirties or forties, blonde and well maintained. She is a cyberchondriac and she believes that vaccines are part of a medical conspiracy.


Alex Lowe visit Max, one of her patients, under the watchful eyes of the child's mother, who is concerned that the child is suffering from some rare and incurable disease. Alex reassures her, saying that it's only measles and that she should not be overprotective towards imaginary ailments[1]. When the health condition of Max worsens, Ms. Ellison is ashamed of failing to act in time and apologizes to Dr. Lowe, while the child is hospitalized[2].

Associated Characters

Mr. Ellison

He was the father of Max Ellison and the wife Mrs. Ellison.


  • Alex Lowe : "Your son has the measles."
    Ms. Ellison: "Oh, the measles? Thank God. I thought it was something serious. "
    Alex Lowe : "The measles are serious, Mrs. Ellison, and completely unnecessary. If you had followed my advice and had Max vaccinated, then we wouldn't be..."
    Ms. Ellison: "We did what we thought was right. Okay, all that stuff out there how vaccines can lead to autism, how can they actually kill people! "


  • This character marks Mädchen Amick's first appearance on American Horror story.


  1. Episode: Chutes and Ladders
  2. Episode: Mommy

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