The Christmas Spree Killings was an event perpetrated by the criminally deranged Leigh Emerson, dressed as Santa Claus. It took place on December 19, 1962.


Five days before Christmas Eve, Leigh Emerson killed a man working for charity dressed as Santa. Hours later, he broke into a family's home and tied them up with their own Christmas lights before shooting them. Emerson continued his rampage, killing a total of eighteen people from five families.


Mr Lancaster

Mr. Lancaster was the father of Susie Lancaster and husband of Rhonda Lancaster in Unholy Night. He was held at gunpoint by Leigh Emerson and eventually murdered by him, along with his wife and presumably their daughter.

Rhonda Lancaster

Rhonda Lancaster was the mother of Susie Lancaster and wife of Mr. Lancaster in Unholy Night. She was held at gunpoint by Leigh Emerson and eventually murdered by him, along with her husband and presumably their daughter.

Susie Lancaster

Susie Lancaster was the daughter of Mr. Lancaster and Rhonda Lancaster in Unholy Night. It is presumed she was murdered by Leigh Emerson, just as he killed her parents on a night of rampage.


The "santa" was collecting charity outside of a store in Unholy Night. He promised a young boy that he would get the hat he wanted if he was good. He was gunned down by Leigh Emerson.


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