-- This module powers {{countdown}}.
local p = {}
-- Constants
local lang = mw.language.getContentLanguage()
local getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs
function formatMessage(secondsLeft, event, color, refreshLink)
    local timeLeft = lang:formatDuration(secondsLeft, {'years', 'weeks', 'days', 'hours', 'minutes', 'seconds'})
    -- Find whether we are plural or not.
    local isOrAre
    if mw.ustring.match(timeLeft, '^%d+') == '1' then
        isOrAre = 'is'
        isOrAre = 'are'
    -- Color and bold the numbers, because it makes them look important.
    local timeLeft = mw.ustring.gsub(timeLeft, '(%d+)', '<span style="color: ' .. (color or '#F00') .. '; font-weight: bold;">%1</span>')
    -- Make the refresh link and join it all together.
    return mw.ustring.format('There %s %s until %s.%s', isOrAre, timeLeft, event, refreshLink)
function p.main(frame)
    local args = getArgs(frame)
    if not (args.year and args.month and then
        return  '<strong class="error">Error: year, month, and day must be specified</strong>'
    local eventTime = os.time{year=args.year, month=args.month,, hour=args.hour, min=args.minute, sec=args.second}
    local timeToStart = os.difftime(eventTime, os.time()) -- (future time - current time)
    local refreshLink = mw.title.getCurrentTitle():fullUrl{action = 'purge'}
    refreshLink = mw.ustring.format(' <small><span class="plainlinks">([%s refresh])</span></small>', refreshLink)
    if timeToStart > 0 then
        -- Event has not begun yet
        return formatMessage(timeToStart, args.event or 'the event begins', args.color, refreshLink)
    elseif args.duration then
        local timeToEnd
        if args['duration unit'] then
            -- Duration is in unit other than seconds, use formatDate to add
            timeToEnd = tonumber(lang:formatDate('U', '@' .. tostring(timeToStart) .. ' +' .. tostring(args.duration) .. ' ' .. args['duration unit']))
            timeToEnd = timeToStart + tonumber(args.duration)
        if timeToEnd > 0 then
            -- Event is in progress
            return args.eventstart .. refreshLink or formatMessage(timeToEnd, (args.event or 'the event') .. ' ends', args.color, refreshLink)
            -- Event had a duration and has now ended
            return ((args.eventend or ((lang:ucfirst(args.event) or 'The event') .. ' has ended.')) .. refreshLink)
        -- Event had no duration and has begun
        return ((args.eventstart or ((lang:ucfirst(args.event) or 'The event') .. ' has started.')) .. refreshLink)
return p

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