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Misty Day is a witch with extraordinary gifts who lives alone in the swamp. She is a character in Coven portrayed by Lily Rabe.


An earthy young woman from a backwoods Pentecostal community in the bayous of Louisiana, Misty Day was misunderstood due to her ability to bring souls back from the dead (i.e. the power of resurgence). Although some saw her gift as a blessing from God, others in the community saw her as a necromancer and a threat to the community. Since her resurrection from being burned at the stake, Misty spends her days wandering the swamps and listening to Stevie Nicks, insisting that the lead singer from Fleetwood Mac is a witch, which she interprets through the lyrics.[1]

Personality and Appearance

Misty Day is a young witch with blonde hair and ethereal looks. She is a lonely, eccentric woman, who meanders the swamps of New Orleans, looking for a group to call her own. In tune with nature, she takes great offense to those who disrespect it and will punish them severely. This is shown when she uses her gift to bring two crocodiles back to life so they can kill the two poachers. Misty also seems to have a fear of abandonment, showing panic when Zoe Benson said she had to leave both times (the second time with Kyle Spencer).

She spends most of her time meditating, tending to her gardens, and listening to Stevie Nicks. She may also be a Christian and a very spiritual woman, as she was seen attending a church group [2] and she was deeply focusing on the cross in Joan Ramsey's house. [3]


Misty Day wandered into a church seminar one fateful day and stumbled upon a dead bird. As a lover of nature and all its creatures, she gently picks it up and, using her gift of resurgence, resurrects it. This draws the attention of the church goers who assume her powers are the work of the Devil. 

One evening, she is dragged through a field and burned at the stake by religious extremists. She was reported as missing, but the witches of New Orleans knew what actually happened, so she was presumed dead. However, with the help of her powers and mastery of swamp healing, she manages to recover from her "death". 

Another day, two alligator poachers find Misty near their kills. Infuriated when she openly speaks against their actions, they threaten her with a gun, only to be attacked and killed by the now resurrected alligators.

Because of her assumed death at the stake, witches in New Orleans are rocked and divided about whether they should live life in hiding, or fight. When Zoe and Madison resurrect Kyle, she appears to help Zoe by treating Kyle with her gift and home-made healing balm..

Without a coven to call her own, she's gone into hiding in a shack in the woods.

In a kind gesture to a new friend, she decides to look after the newly resurrected Kyle for Zoe, promising to get him back on his feet the best she can.

Misty spends the day laying in bed with Kyle, listening and singing along to Stevie Nicks. Misty talks to Kyle about finding her own coven, saying that without a tribe she can call her own, she can't be at her best. Zoe arrives and Misty shows her Kyle's healed scars. Zoe then attempts to leave with Kyle, so as to return him to his mother, who is suicidal without her son. Misty, however, tries to convince Kyle to stay. Kyle violently refuses and leaves with Zoe, who promises to return for Misty; a promise Misty knows she will break.

Some time later, she comes across the burnt corpse of Myrtle, now being eaten by dogs, and resurrects her. To help with the recovery, Misty buries Myrtle beneath swamp dirt; at which point, a blood-stained Kyle emerges. She bathes him, which elicits violent behavior on his part, due to the sexual abuse he's suffered at his mother's hands. Misty is devastated when he breaks her boom box.

Not long after, Zoe returns and asks Misty to resurrect Madison. At first, Misty declines, offering to bury a now rotting Madison instead. But Zoe convinces her and, with Zoe's help, succeeds in bringing Madison back. Though offered refuge at the academy, Misty refuses, disturbed by the negative energy present.

Realizing someone was after her, Misty, along with the newly resurrected Myrtle, show up at the academy, seeking protection. There, Myrtle claims that only someone with as much power as Misty would be the new Supreme. Although initially anxious of bearing this new title, she takes part in the Sacred Taking, a ritual intended to have Fiona kill herself; thus, letting the new Supreme flourish. However, the scheme is ruined by the ghost of the recently murdered Spalding, who manages to convince a drugged Fiona to continue fighting. Misty is later seen sitting amongst the other witches, eager to learn the new Supreme's identity when she learns of Joan's shooting. At the scene of the crime, she is then approached by Fiona, who asks the young witch to demonstrate her powers by resurrecting the newly dead Joan. Misty complies, only to collapse shortly after resurrecting her.

After that, Misty decides to stay in the academy, she and Cordelia are seen using a ritual on plants from the greenhouse, and it demonstrates her great affection for working with (or lead by) Cordelia.

Misty is attempted by the visit of Stevie Nicks, and after listening to her music, she goes along with Madison for a festival in a graveyard. Already at the cemetery she is challenged by Madison to demonstrate her powers, when approaching a open coffin, she is struck with a brick in the head by Madison, she is then put in the coffin and buried.

Cordelia manages to figure out Misty's location by touching an article of her clothing, and Queenie and Cordelia head to the cemetery, where Queenie uses her powers to deconstruct the mausoleum, as well as to revive the unconscious Misty. When the three return to the Academy, Misty punches Madison in revenge and a fight ensues between the two witches with Misty gaining the upper hand before Kyle intervenes and breaks them up. Misty also joins Zoe, Madison, and Queenie when they murder The Axeman.

Misty, Queenie, Zoe and Madison begin the Seven Wonders where Misty (like the other 3 witches) passes the tests of Telekenesis and Concilium. Once they begin the test of Descensum, Misty is the only witch unable to bring herself back from the nether realm and is stuck reliving a horrific childhood memory from a science class on a loop. Misty's body disintegrates into ash as Cordelia holds her and sobs. 


  • To Poachers: "Why would you kill God's innocent creatures?"
  • To Zoe Benson: "Power of resurgence... I like the sound of that."
  • To religious zealots: "It's you that will end in flames! I swear it!"
  • To Kyle: "You can't be your best self until you find your tribe. I'm still looking for mine."
  • To Cordelia Foxx: "Can I say something? I don't wanna be the Supreme."
  • To Madison Montgomery: "I don't wanna waste my magic on you. I can do you with my hands!"
  • Myrtle Snow about Misty Day: "The Swamp Mud is a metaphor, her metaphor. She's a sophisticated witch with extraordinary gifts. Hiding out as a hippie swamp rat. From humble hillbilly stocks, she's been a witch since birth. Her power and humanity separating her from everyone around her. In fact, those around her tried endlessly to destroy her in order to mask their own evil purposes. Yet she rose from the ashes stronger than ever, more fully realized. A living testament to the greater ideals of our coven. Power, compassion, and uniqueness. We are lucky to have found her and she us."
  • To Madison Montgomery: "No, I know what you're trying to do. Mess me up, make be doubt myself. You think I'm stupid because of where I came from. Well, I'm not so easily bought, and I ain't that easily fooled. Thanks for the lunch."


  • She is the third character to be portrayed by Lily Rabe. The first was Nora Montgomery in Murder House and the second was Sister Mary Eunice in Asylum.
  • Misty Day has been absent in three episodes overall throughout the season. Those episodes are Fearful Pranks Ensue, The Dead and Protect the Coven.
  • Misty was killed three times (burned at the stake, by asphyxiation and stuck in hell) at the season and resurrected four characters (herself, MyrtleMadisonJoan), two alligators and a bird. She also resurrected several frogs when she was stuck in hell, but it can be assumed that that happened to her in the past. 


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