Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is an academy and safe haven for young witches and a pivotal location in Coven.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is an academy of witchcraft where young witches are automatically enrolled once their powers have been uncovered. It is here that they are taught the history of their kind and how to discover and control their abilities.


Miss R Academy plaque

The Academy was built in 1790 as a private school for privileged girls but was turned into a military hospital during the Civil War. In 1868, Marianne Wharton, the reigning Supreme at that time, the most powerful witch of the generation and a prominent socialite back then, reclaimed the building and reinstated it as a school as a cover-up, but in reality turned it into a safe haven for young witches to learn and hone their powers.

Due to many women of the bloodline choosing not to reproduce, the population dwindled from at most 60 in the academy, to the present of just four girls. In 2014, Supreme witch Cordelia Goode went public about witches, and the number of students at the academy increased to a large number once more.

Known Wards

A list of the known wards who attend (and have attended) the Academy.

Known current wards



  • One of the steps leading to the school reads: "From Education as the leading cause – The public character its color draws".
  • The Academy's doorbell is also heard playing as the door chime for the Murder House in Season 1
  • The Academy's filming location is Buckner Mansion, at 1410 Jackson Avenue in New Orleans' Garden District. It was built in 1856 by Henry Sullivan Buckner and designed by architect Lewis E. Reynolds.
  • John Robichaux and his nephew Joe are New Orleans jazz musicians. These two links to Coven's themes (music and location) may indicate the inspiration for the school's name.