Ms. Miriam Mead is the henchwoman of Wilhemina Venable. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Kathy Bates. She is the secondary antagonist of the season.


As of now, few details have emerged about Miriam's background and personal life. Her father was a military officer in the Vietnam War and she mentions that he proudly killed so many Viet Cong forces that he lost count. [1]

Personality and Appearance

Miriam Mead is a small woman with prominent dark eyebrows, closely cut jet-black hair and dark lips. She dresses very practically in a boxy, black military-style suit with black leather gloves - suggestive of her sadistic and bloody duties at Outpost 3.

Ms. Mead describes killing as being in her DNA. She is ruthless and sadistic, going as far as to manipulate her geiger counter into displaying high amounts of radiation on Outpost dwellers in order to subject them to a brutal and painful "decontamination" which involves roughly scrubbing their barenaked bodies with Tampico warehouse brooms and killing them if the geiger counter "still detected radiation" after the cleansing. She is not above killing or torture and appears to greatly enjoy both.

Despite her high rank and being second-in-command of Outpost 3, she is not a Purple (post-war high society) and it is implied through her casual purple dress ups with Ms. Venable that she secretly desires to be one.

Despite her enjoyment and pleasure in torturing the survivors in Outpost 3, Miriam holds high respect towards her superiors, The Cooperative, and firmly acknowledges and respects the chain of command. She tells Ms. Venable that the only hesitation she has with the new world order of Outpost 3 is the fact that it undermines the Cooperative's authority.

It is implied that she may be a Satanist.


Miriam meets Timothy and Emily at the gates of Outpost 3, walking them into the compound and ensuring they are decontaminated before entering the building.

Later, she arrives at the dinner table with Wilhemina Venable who overhears Coco slandering the food, causing Venable to slap Coco her whilst Miriam nods in agreement. When Venable reads the message from The Cooperative that the world as they knew it is gone, Miriam comments that the system before was weak and that it did not take much to destroy it. When one of her fellow agents reports a spike in the background radiation in the room, Miriam seemingly discovers Mr. Gallant and Stu to be the sources. They are taken to the decontamination chamber and given a brutal cleaning, but Miriam still finds Stu to be contaminated and executes him.

Some time after, Miriam visits Venable in her room and they pretend to be "purples". They conspire about dispensing sadistic punishments which Venable admits that she enjoys, and Miriam, a former military agent, admits they've been making up rules and punishments as they go along, such as setting the Geiger counter to maximum sensitivity to frame Stu. Miriam expresses concerns about defying The Cooperative, who she states have paid her bills for a long time.

Eighteen months later, the inhabitants of Outpost 3 are growing less hopeful of rescue and supplies are dwindling. When Gallant protests and insists they leave, Miriam tells him that nobody is allowed to leave. An alarm suddenly sounds to alert that an intruder is on the grounds. Miriam goes outside and meets Michael Langdon who has arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. He tells her to take care of the horses, which she leads away and shoots. She sees people dragging the horses corpses away as she goes back to the compound. [1]


  • To Michael Langdon: "Hail, Satan!"
  • About the world pre-apocalypse: "It was always fragile. They made you think it was a rock. It was a water balloon. One prick of the needle and *pops lips* that's all it took."
  • To Wilhelmina Venable: "Killing is in my DNA."


  • She is the sixth character portrayed by Kathy Bates. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • She was initially introduced as "Ms. Meade", a woman who sports a dark pixie cut hairdo [2] After the first look trailer, FX Networks revealed her as "Ms. Miriam Mead." [3]
  • Because of her father's history in Vietnam along with her knowledge of killing and respect for the chain of command, it is very likely that she served in the military prior to the apocalypse.



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