Miranda Jane is a murderous nurse. She is a character in American Horror Story primarily portrayed by Maya Berko.


Around 1988, Miranda and Bridget Jane bought Roanoke House, where they opened an assisted living facility. The house soon became a place of heinous crimes, as the two nurses gave vent their murderous instincts on hapless patients. Their victims would depend on the first letter of their names. They planned to kill six elders to spell out their favorite word 'MURDER', spray painting the letter on the wall to spell out the word. However, they only managed to kill five leaving behind the word 'MURDE' untreated on the wall.

Personality and Appearance

Miranda had completely brunette hair and hazel eyes. Like her sister, she donned nurses outfits most of the time. Miranda is a cruel and sadistic woman, who feels no remorse for her heinous crimes.


While Shelby Miller was alone in the house shortly after moving in, she saw the two sisters appear fleetingly in the hallway.[1]

Following the traumatic events suffered, Matt Miller finds himself wandering around the rooms awakened by the voices of Miranda and Bridget who kill an elderly patient, Margaret, under the man's eyes, a clear echo of an event actually occurred in the past.[2]


  • Miranda, along with her sister and partner in crime Bridget, continue to haunt Roanoke House after their demise. Two spectral nurses, though less murderous, also appeared during the course of the first season, Murder House.
  • Miranda and Bridget's murders were inspired by the case of real life serial killers Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood.



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