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Milo is a young video maker. He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Jon Bass.


Milo, along with his friends, Todd Allen Connors and Sophie Green, were viewers of the original My Roanoke Nightmare documentary. They even created their own website and made a social media account dedicated to the series. They became such fans of the series that the three of them decided to organize an expedition to the site, using helmet-mounted cameras to record their trek.

Personality and Appearance

Of the three video makers that visit the Ronoke House, Milo is a major fanboy and often makes references in his broad knowledge of the sci-fi and horror genre. He has dark hair and is slightly over weight.


The friends are making their way through the wilderness surrounding the property when they come across a disorientated woman limping through the brush. Obviously injured and afraid, the woman flees and the kids give chase. They lose sight of her, but during her pursuit they discover the scene of a recent car crash. The accident had been so severe that the vehicle had rolled over onto its roof, and they kneel down to take a closer look. They recoil in horror and their helmet-mounted cameras display the body of Diana Cross beneath the wreckage.  

Milo, Todd, and Sophie go to the police in order to report what they saw. Of course, the police thought the three were pranking them and ordered them not to go near the property again. The trio ignore the police and decide to investigate the house, but once it becomes night, Milo and his friends feel uneasy. Eventually, they find Lee, who has been possessed by Scathach. Lee murders Todd which causes Milo and Sophie to panic and flee to the editing trailer. It's there that they find out everyone involved with Return to Roanoke has died, except for Monet, Audrey and of course, Lee. Sophie suggests they fight Lee, who is marching to the house to kill Monet and Audrey, but Milo is afaid at first, but he is convinced by Sophie and they both venture out of the trailer and help the duo. However, they both end up being found by the lost colony and they are forced onto stakes and burned alive.

Personality and Appearance



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