"Mid-Western Assassin"[1] is the sixth episode of Cult. It premiered on October 10, 2017.


An unexpected source reveals the truth behind the cult to Ally. Kai's run for City Council is challenged by a new candidate. [2]


Featured Characters

Sally Keffler

Sally Keffler is a guest starring character in American Horror Story: Cult portrayed by AHS repertory company actress Mare Winningham.

Sally opposites Kai Anderson's method of inserting fear onto the population. She decides to run against Kai for the spot on city council at the last minute, planning to send in her name during the polls. Later at her home, Sally is visited by Ally Mayfair-Richards who tells her that Kai is a part of the clown cult. Sally believes Ally and continues to speak to her, until the cult breaks into her home. Sally is cornered by the clowns, and Kai reveals himself to her. Wanting to get Sally out of the race, Kai writes a suicide note on her Facebook account. Shortly thereafter, he shoots Sally in the chest, staging her death as a suicide.



  • This episode marks the return of Mare Winningham to American Horror Story since her role as Hazel Evers in Hotel.
  • A censored version of the episode was broadcast by FX but the original version is available online.[3]

Raised Questions


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