Matt Miller is an adventurous but scarred husband. He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by André Holland. In most of his My Roanoke Nightmare experiences, he is portrayed by actor Dominic Banks (who is portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr.).


Matt Miller grew up in North Carolina with his sister, Lee Miller, and their mother. He began a career as a travelling pharmaceutical salesman and at one point he won a free yoga class, where he met his future wife. Matt pulled a muscle and never participated in a second class, but later married his instructor, Shelby.

Personality and Appearance

Matt Miller is an affable man forced to confront events that clash with his skeptical and rational personality.


Matt and Shelby Miller moved to Los Angeles to start their life together. Matt received a promotion at work as West Coast Sales Manager, and the couple soon discovered that they were expecting their first child. However, the pair were attacked without provocation on one of the couple's evening walks. Shelby was shoved to the side as Matt was punched and knocked out. He lapsed into a temporary coma during hospital treatment, and Shelby discovered that the ordeal had caused her to miscarry.

After this experience, Matt and Shelby no longer felt safe in Los Angeles and decided to take a trip to North Carolina. While spending an afternoon together, Matt and Shelby happened across a property that was soon to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The couple impulsively purchased the heritage-listed house and property, outbidding a trio of local residents.[1]

Matt returned to the reality show "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" to be with Scáthach. Matt claims to love her and she was the sole reason for him returning. In a fit of rage, Shelby bludgeons him to death with a crowbar. [2]


  • In the fictional documentary "My Roanoke Nightmare" (i.e. most of Roanoke), Matt is dramatically re-enacted in-universe by actor Dominic Banks, who is in turn played by real-life Cuba Gooding, Jr. During scenes where he is describing his experiences, the "true" victim is portrayed by André Holland.
  • Matt, Shelby, Mason, Sidney and Audrey are the only characters involved with the Roanoke incident that weren't killed by the forces brought from the paranormal entities of Roanoke.
  • Matt shares his name with Saints Row character Matt Miller.


  • Matt: "Should not have come back. You know what this place is, you know what happens here."
  • Matt: (to Shelby Miller,talking about Scathach): "I'm in love with her Shelby. She's the reason I came back."
  • Matt: "It will happen again. I don't know if we'll survive this time."
  • Matt: "The blood moon is coming."



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