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This article is about the wife of Larry Harvey.
For the character from You're Going To Die In There, see Loraine Baxter.
Lorraine Harvey
Portrayed by Rebecca Wisocky
First Appearance Open House
Last Appearance Afterbirth
Species Ghost
Cause of Death Suicide, burned alive (Open House)
Relatives Larry Harvey (husband)

Margaret (daughter)
Angie (daughter)

Lorraine Harvey was the wife of Larry Harvey and former resident of the Murder House, where she lived with her husband and two daughters, Margaret and Angie.

Background Edit

Lorraine and her family lived in the Murder House in the early 1990s until her husband decided he wanted their neighbor Constance instead and was going to send Lorraine and the children away to her mother's. Lorraine then went upstairs and set the children's room on fire, killing herself and the two girls. Larry later moved Constance and her three remaining children back into the house.

Episodic Appearances Edit

She returns with her daughters, who have befriended the new ghost, Travis . They appear just as they died; burned and singed. Larry is present as they appear, and when asked why it took a decade for him to finally see them, Lorraine explains Larry is finally ready to repent. Larry promises her that he will make Constance pay for what she did, but Lorraine points out that it was Larry who broke their marital vows and tore their family apart. She then disappears with Travis and the girls, leaving the heartbroken Larry behind. [1]

Moved by her words and ready to repent, Larry then takes the fall for Travis' murder and is incarcerated.

Lorraine is a malevolent ghost. She was responsible for the sleep-walking of Ben Harmon and Miguel Ramos, intending on burning them. Afterbirth

Related Characters Edit

Margaret Harvey Edit

Margaret Harvey
Species Ghost
Cause of Death Burned to death

Angela Harvey Edit

Angela Harvey
Species Ghost
Cause of Death Burned to death

Gallery Edit


  1. Episode: Smoldering Children

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