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Leo Morrison
Portrayed by
  • Human
  • Photographer
Cause of death
Asylum Characters
Leo Morrison is a photographer and the newlywed husband of Teresa. He is a character in Asylum portrayed by Adam Levine.


As part of a haunted honeymoon tour, horror fans Leo and Teresa visit the now abandoned Briarcliff Manor. They are "consummating their marriage" in multiple landmarks of murder. This is their last stop whether they intended it or not.

Personality and Appearance

Leo is playful with a raunchy sense of humor. He is ready to meet the challenges of his wife's perverse desires. He is a handsome, indie-rock sort of guy with close-cropped dark hair and colorful tattoos.

Episodic Appearances

  • Welcome to Briarcliff - Leo and his wife Teresa spend their honeymoon at present day Briarcliff Manor, which is now abandoned. The two decide to have sex at various locations in the manor. The pair stop when they hear a noise coming from a door, and Leo puts his iPhone through the slot to investigate what is on the other side, and ends up getting his arm severed. Teresa wraps a tourniquet around his bloody stump and goes to find help, leaving Leo lying on the floor.
  • Tricks and Treats - Teresa tries to pull Leo into the abandoned cell where he was attacked while trying to flee from Bloody Face. However, she is too late and is forced to hide and look on as Bloody Face repeatedly stabs Leo.
  • Nor'easter - As Bloody Face breaks open the cell door where Teresa has taken refuge, Leo intervenes as Bloody Face throws her against the wall, attempting to kill her. Leo stabs Bloody Face in the chest, and Teresa finishes the job, killing him. The couple make their escape, only to see two other Bloody Faces coming from a distance. Devon (one of the twin brothers that was an imposter Bloody Face) shoots both of them, presumably killing them. It's revealed that the Bloody Face stabbed to death by Teresa was also an imposter named Joey.
  • The Origins of Monstrosity - Leo's motionless body is found on the floor by the police at Briarcliff Manor while responding to a call from the 2012 Bloody Face.
  • Madness Ends - A flashback reveals that Johnny Morgan (the 2012 Bloody Face) was also present in the dilapidated Briarcliff when Leo and Teresa showed up on their honeymoon. They begin to have sex, but stop when Johnny flips over a table and makes a loud noise. It is also revealed that Johnny was the one responsible for severing Leo's arm, hacking at it when he sticks it through the slot on the cell door to investigate the room. 


  • Leo uses a Hermes edition Leica M-7 camera implying that he has a high income.



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