Kai Anderson is a local Michigan suburban leader [1]. He is a character in Cult portrayed by Evan Peters.


Personality and Appearance

Kai is obsessed with the concept of fear, and aspires to use it to manipulate people.

He states in his speech that his desires are to release the chaos to achieve change which might suggest he is delusional.

Kai is perceived as racist due to his harassment towards the Hispanic men.

He is in his mid 20's, has long hair dyed blue, which he sometimes ties back in a bun.


Kai is first seen watching the election alone in his basement, and is delighted by the news of Trump's victory, while his sister Winter is devastated by it, having worked for Clinton's campaign. Kai goes to Winter's room to gloat about the win and they proceed to lock pinkies.

Kai then started attending a city council meeting, which Mr. Chang serves on, about security for the local Jewish community center. Kai states his objections, talking about using fear to control people, though the council disagrees with him and the motion is passed. Kai is later seen harassing a group of Hispanic men on the streets by filling a condom with his urine and throwing it at the men while yelling racist slurs. The men beat Kai up while an unknown person records it. [2]

After his vicious beating Kai, wearing a suspiciously classy suit is interviewed by various reporters in front of city hall, as he intends to propose himself as a city councilor. The young Trump supporter is quick to point the blame at illegal immigrants and further stokes the fires of ignorance and hatred. Kai just happens to show up at Ally's newly fortified house. Sensing that she's very uneasy he does his best to frighten the woman even further. [3]



  • Kai: "The revolution has begun."
  • To Tom: "There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man."
  • To Ally: "Enjoy your latte, bitch."
  • To Winter: "What fills your heart with dread?"
  • To Winter: "What's the thing that scares you the most?"
  • Kai: "Vote Kai Anderson. Vote for the man who can take your fear away. They're out there."



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