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The Eternal Darkness Tour is a tour of Los Angeles' murder locations in which the Harmons' house is featured. The location was called "The Murder House" by Stan, which led to this wiki's conventional name for it, the Murder House. The tour uses a black, open-topped bus.

Episodic Appearances

  • Bianca mentions the tour during her session with Ben.[1]
  • Vivien joins the tour to learn more about the house. One of the stops, where the murder of actor Sal Mineo occured, is shown in a flashback. When they arrive at the house, she begins to spot bleed, which she sees on her white pants, and runs back to the house.[2]
  • Marcy and Vivien take the tour, hoping to learn more about the history of the property. One of the stops preceding theirs is the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder site.[3]
  • Soon after the arrival of the Ramos family, the Eternal Darkness Tour reappears, only this time the Harmon history is covered on it. [4]


Portrayed byDavid Anthony Higgins
  • Human
  • Tour guide
Murder House

Stan guides the tour. He recognized Vivien on her second visit with the tour, and identified her to the group as a "celebrity", showing that he has an ironic and witty sense of humor. His patter changes, implying that his narration of the tour is largely improvisational.

The Murder House

A special feature on the DVD release of Murder House includes "The Murder House". This special feature depicts the tour guide of the Eternal Darkness Tour giving an "inside look" of Murder House to a group of people, one of which is recording the whole thing on his camcorder. The guide walks the tourists through the house retelling the many events of the house and some of the people who died there. He tells of the Ramos' (referring to them as "the current owners"), the Montgomerys (although he falsely claims that Nora managed to kill Thaddeus before she committed suicide), the Harveys, the Langdons (particularly discussing Tate), Elizabeth Short, the nurses, "the redheaded twins", and finally Patrick and Chad (although he merely refers to them as "a couple"). Surprisingly he leaves out the Harmons. During the course of the tour the tourist with the camcorder has been encountering strange happenings. The end of short wraps up with the tour guide and tourists leaving the house without the man with the camera. Suddenly a red ball rolls into the living room and he picks it up. Slowly Rubber Man rises up behind him and takes the camera when he turns around.



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