Dylan is the actor who portrayed Ambrose White and Piggy Man in "My Roanoke Nightmare". He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Wes Bentley.


Before his tenure as an actor in My Roanoke Nightmare, Dylan served two tours in Iraq in the military.

Personality and Appearance


Dylan arrives at the Roanoke House, ordered by Sidney to come. This is because Sidney felt as though by the last day, he would have to spice things up. However, Dylan discovers that Lee and Audrey are the only ones left. The trio rush to the Polk farm where they get the tapes back and find Monet, alive. Lee, Audrey, and Monet rush back to the car where Dylan was waiting. However, Lot Polk stabbed Dylan and fled before the last night of the blood moon officially started. Audrey and Monet lose Lee and desert Dylan and decide to go back to the house as a refuge. Later, Dylan is seen by Sophie Green and Milo getting disemboweled by Ambrose White. [1]


  1. Episode: Chapter 9

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