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Dominic Banks is an actor involved in mysterious events. He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr.. He portrayed Matt Miller in "My Roanoke Nightmare".


Not much is known about Dominic, other than the fact he was a relatively unknown actor before his role on My Roanoke Nightmare.

Personality and Appearance

Although his outward personality is caring, consoling and friendly, Dominic is actually a fame-hungry person who is determined to do immoral things to gain the attention he wants. He is also willing to put his life at risk for the sake of fame as well. Because of these desires, he is even willing to use and toy with Shelby to evoke more drama.

It's likely that Dominic slept with Shelby before the show's sequel to gain widespread attention from the media.


Following his breakthrough role in My Roanoke Nightmare, he begins a short affair with Shelby which in reality only lasted one night. Since one of the concepts of the show's sequel, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell is bringing the actors and their respective characters together, Sidney wants Dominic to return. However, Shelby demands that Dominic doesn't return as she is trying to piece together her and Matt's broken marriage. Nonetheless, Sidney still requests his return as his relationship with Shelby and Matt will garner more views.

Dominic is absent for most of the first day until the late evening. When he enters the house, he happily greets Shelby only to be attacked by a furious Matt. Eventually the two are broken up by Shelby and Rory. When Audrey rushes down the stairs after witnessing a spirit in the bathroom, Dominic consoles her due to Rory's request, another way of keeping up the pretense of his good nature. After Audrey's earlier ordeal, Dominic is the first actor to express some belief in Shelby and Matt's story, as he cannot believe Sidney to have orchestrated what could have been an attack on Audrey.[1]

The following morning, he offers a drink to Monet to help with coming to terms with the possibility of an attack. Lee tries to stop Dominic, stating that him knowingly offering an alcoholic a drink is the same as handing a loaded gun to a killer. He approaches Shelby in the kitchen, telling her that he can't ignore her forever. Dominic tries to convince her that he is a better match for her, even beginning to touch her. Suddenly Matt walks in, seeing the two in a suspicious yet harmless position. Angered, Matt says that Dominic can have Shelby if he wants, and even sleep with her on the kitchen counter if he pleases.

In his first confessional, he admits that he doesn't actually want to pursue a relationship with Shelby, even though he states that he does care about her. He says that Sidney brought him back for ratings, and has even given him a body cam to record events that may not be captured through the existing cameras. That same day, he saves Shelby from getting murdered from Agnes during one of her psychotic episodes. Agnes manages to escape barely injured whilst he tries to comfort Shelby, however. Dominic tries to communicate to Sidney through the house's cameras, telling him in a worried tone that Shelby is injured and requires an ambulance.

In the middle of the night, he spots Matt walking down the stairs and making out with an unknown individual. Dominic quickly realises that if Shelby witnesses this, it will create a lot more drama between the three of them. He wakes Shelby up and brings her downstairs, seeing Matt in the middle of sex with the Witch. Matt ends up admitting his love for the witch, leading Shelby to kill him in the heat of the moment. Dominic witnesses everything, and takes the weapon she used to kill him off of Shelby. As Shelby mourns and regrets her husband's death, Dominic tries to calm her down. Despite now knowing Shelby's murderous capabilities, he remains fine with interacting with her. He tells her that she had no choice but to confess to the murder, as the cameras for the show deliver all the proof.[2]



  • Dominic (To the confessional camera): "You see this? (Pointing at his secret body cam) Sid got me wired and ready to ruin these people's lives and record every moment of it."
  • Dominic (To the confessional camera): "Now, let me ask you something else, judgmental motherfuckers, what's more important than screen time, huh?"


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