Dinah Stevens is a former actress and talk show host designated as purple at Outpost 3. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Adina Porter.


Personality and Appearance


Dinah and the other residents of the Outpost 3 meet with Timothy and Emily in the common room. Timothy is surprised to see Dinah, as his mother used to watch her TV program a lot and used to say that Dinah could beat the pants off Oprah any day. Dinah was moved by that, and replied that if there have been millions of people like his mother, her TV program wouldn't have been replaced by a telenovela.

Nutritional jelly cubes are served as dinner and Dinah reminds everyone that these cubes contain every vitamin the human body needs, or the rulers just made them believe that. Venable warns that they have enough supplies for eighteen months and conditions must improve or options will be limited.

The next night, soup is served instead of the typical cubes, much to the residents' surprise. Andre, Dinah's son, discovers bones in the stew and assumes the meat is Stu's remains, though Venable insists it is not. Dinah reminds a protesting Andre that Venable also ate the meat, which would be poisoned if it were a contaminated Stu. 

Eighteen months pass with no sign of help and supplies begin to dwindle, forcing Venable to announce they are cutting down to one meal a day. Dinah tells the group that they are stronger than they think and that they can learn from their situation, but Gallant, starving and stir crazy, angrily rebukes her motivational remarks. [1]


  • To Timothy Campbell: "Bless her heart, a million of her and I wouldn't have been replaced by that telenovela."


  • Adina Porter confirmed her characters name is "Dinah Stevens" at the TCA panel in summer 2018, despite various website originally gave it as "Diana." [2]
  • Adina Porter on her character: "She is a motherfucker. And she's lovely... You'd have her over for tea. She's able to make white people feel safe."
  • Dinah Stevens is the fourth character portrayed by Adina Porter. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.



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