Desiree Dupree is a woman with three breasts who is a performer in the Freak Show [1]. She is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Angela Bassett. She is Dell Toledo's ex-wife and Jimmy Darling's ex-stepmother.



Born as Derek Dupree in Philadelphia, Desiree was named after her grandfather, a baseball player. Due to ambiguous genitalia, she was mistaken for a boy at birth and spent the formative years of her life as a brother to five older sisters, until puberty at age 12 when she grew not two breasts but three.

Personality and Appearance

Desiree is a prideful woman who despite her unconventional body, her three breast and abnormally large clitoris, enjoys an undaunted and shameless confidence. Not one to mince words if crossed she is quick to use her sharp tongue as a weapon and when pushed even further she has no qualms about getting physical or even murderous.

She often drapes herself in sensual and fitting dresses that accentuate her curves and highlight her breasts.


Late for her performance, Jimmy finds Desiree drinking in her trailer, angered by her absent husband. When the boy's comfort turns to lust, his manual stimulation seems to result in vaginal bleeding. Ethel takes her to the doctor where it is explained that she has had a miscarriage and that what she believed to be a penis was, in fact, an enlarged clitoris which could be altered with cosmetic surgery. That night she tells Dell of this and of her discovery that he is Jimmy's father. Not wanting to bear his children and with no more reason to weather his impotence and abuse, she leaves him to room with Ethel.[2]

Following Salty's death, Maggie Esmerelda takes Desiree to the morbidity museum, to show her what became of Ma Petite. To Desiree's horror, Salty's severed head and Ma Petite's corpse are both on display. Associating Maggie with Ma Petite's demise, Desiree takes a certain disliking to Maggie. After Maggie is brutally killed in a magic trick gone wrong, Desiree comments "she had it coming," and suggests the freaks bury Maggie's body.

Desiree narrowly escapes being murdered by Dandy Mott, by hiding in her trailer. She participates in the killing of Dandy, accompanied by Jimmy and the Tattler twins.

Between 1952 and 1960, she marries Angus T. Jefferson and they have two kids.


  • While there is no known medical case of a woman with three breasts, whether by birth or cosmetic surgery, it is a familiar concept in popular culture. It is the unique physical feature of a peripheral character in both Total Recall and its remake, as well as the subject of a hoax perpetrated by Jasmine Tridevil.


  • Desiree (to Dell): "You go on and do your worst 'cause once they change me down there I'm going to be too much woman for you anyway."
  • Desiree (to a young girl): "I'm a lady, and then some!"
  • Desiree: "There ain't no murder if there ain't no body and ain't no Chicago police going to drag his ass all the way down to the swamp on account of some dead poof."
  • Desiree: "Three titties, proper girl parts, and a ding-a-ling. I'm a full blown hermaphrodite. Put that on your banner."
  • Desiree (after Dandy dies): "That boy is a star."
  • Desiree (before Dandy dies): " Maybe you´re right, maybe that´s all we are, but let me tell you something, you may look a motion picture dream boat, but you are the biggest freak of them all!"
  • Desiree (to the troupe): "Me and Dell went to go see this show down in Mexico. This señorita could shot ping pong balls out her pop, pop, pop."



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