The Delphi Trust is a well established and efficient corporation of witch hunters disguised as a major financial institution in Coven.

The Corporation

I am a part of a sacred order. A soldier in a shadow war. A war that has been raging since before the time of Salem. We are a brotherhood pledged in blood dedicated to stamping out the petulance of witchery in the North American Continent.
Hank Foxx, a witch hunter

The Delphi Trust has various agents throughout the North American Continent whom hunt and terminate witches. Though Delphi concentrates on North America they do hunt across the seas. One such mission involved a flare up with witches in Northampton, they were subdued by blessed bullets. The headquarters of Delphi Trust is located in Atlanta, Georgia. A plaque in the main lobby cites the corporation's existence dates back to 1826.

Many witch hunters are alluded to exist, however only three have been shown thus far, aside from the shadowed figures who burned Misty Day. It is unclear how they work but it is mentioned that they do not act alone.[1]

Known Members

Harrison Renard

Harrison Renard is Hank Foxx's father and the CEO of Delphi Trust. He protected Hank from the pyrokinetic attack of the Chattahoochee Forest witch. He does not have a good relationship with Hank, however after his son's death he is seen sobbing over the pictures of his son's dead body. A majority of Delphi Trust is massacred by The Axeman until only Harrison remains. Harrison takes a sip of his drink and tells Fiona to "Go to Hell." She swings The Axeman's axe, slicing Harrison's neck and he bleeds to death.


Acid Attacker

Acid Attacker is a witch hunter that blinded Cordelia with acid. Although this assailant's identity is unknown, Harrison Renard revealed that their company had arranged the attack, much to his son's shock.[2]


  • "Renard" is a French word which means "Fox". Hank adopted the last name "Foxx" as a cover in order to be with Cordelia.



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