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Christine estabrook


Christine Estabrook is a veteran actress who has made an impressive portfolio on her acting career in film, television and theater. She was born and raised in East Aurora, New York. She was raised with 5 siblings and her single mother. She worked all the time through school doing various jobs. She graduated from Yale School of Drama with Meryl Streep, who is the mother of AHS semi-regular Grace Gummer. She wasted no time to get into theater and did a marvelous job in it. Since then she has come out in movies, TV shows including American Horror Story: Murder House as Marcy and is supposed to come back to AHS as Marcy again for Hotel.


  • The Bell Jar
  • The Wall
  • Almost You
  • Tales from the Darkness




Christine Estabrook in the role of Marcy (Murder House)

AHS-1379-Jackson-001 0

Christine Estabrook in the role of Marcy (Hotel)

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