"Chapter 8" is the eighth episode of Roanoke. It premiered November 2, 2016.


Shelby and Dominic face threats from both outside and inside the house, while Lee, Audrey, and Monet are held captive by the Polk family.


In the house, Shelby and Dominic plot their escape from the mob outside. They try to exit out the tunnels but are chased back inside by the previous residents. They are forced to retreat into the upstairs bathroom where Shelby, out of grief and regret for killing Matt, slits her own throat.

Meanwhile, Lee, Audrey and Monet are still in the Polk farm. Lee has more flesh taken from her by Jether, the youngest of the family who wants to live up to his ancestor who turns out to be the Piggy Man from episode six of Season One, Murder House. Jether is incredibly attracted to Lee and Lee takes this note into mind. Meanwhile, Audrey and Monet are held captive. Monet fights one of the Polks off and escapes into the wilderness while Audrey is left with Mama Polk who rips one of her teeth out. Eventually, Lee takes advantage of Jether and strangles him before shooting him in the stomach. Then, she beats Mama Polk to death before freeing Audrey and running back to the house.

Audrey and Lee make it back to the house and find Matt and Shelby's dead bodies along with a very alive Dominic. The two women blame Dominic for their deaths and take refuge in the master bedroom before pushing Dominic into the hall, where he gets slaughtered by Piggy Man.



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